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I finally got off my butt!

Yesterday was the day that I got off my butt and gave it a big kick! After a wonderful and long night of sleep I was ready. The sun was shining so it was perfect for a walk.

My daughter and I went for a walk and I managed to pass right in front of the first playground without stopping telling her that there was another further away where we could try her new Frisbee. She complained a little but we kept going and she walk the whole way! About 2.3 km!

We played Frisbee for about 2.5 minutes(it’s a 4-year-old hour) and played in the slides, swings etc. On the way back she walked a little but she was tired so she got in the stroller and we stopped at the other playground for a while.

I did about 4.5 km and wasn’t even tired because we stopped and walked slowly but it’s still better than sitting down right?

This morning I have a gain of 0.1 kilo and I guess I ate a little more like maybe 150 calories but Ialso  have burned more so I had about the same deficit than usual… I am just stating facts and am not worrying about it because it could be anything anyway.

I tried to copy and paste a Fitbit graphic to show you my intake versus calories burned but it doesn’t work so you’ll just have to take my word for it loll


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2 thoughts on “I finally got off my butt!

  1. I love how 2.5 minutes is an hour for a 4 year old! Too funny!
    So happy that you enjoyed your walk! Hope the weather continues to be nice for you! 🙂

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