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May was a good month for me because I have lost a little everyday. It was steady, slow but going down(like the dream weight loss journey). For the past few days my weight has been going up. I took at least 1 pound back. I am still happy because i had a good month anyway. I know that I have been under my calories goal all the time. The only things I have changed is going for walks again instead of not exercising. Who’s fault is it? I am not blaming the exercise for my gain.

I think maybe :


  1. My calorie budget is expanding when I exercise so I eat a little more, which should be ok, right? But is my body set for only lose weight on my sedentary calorie budget?
  2. Another thing is maybe I should watch my water intake because I am not sure I drank enough lately.
  3. Too much pretzels( I have been under my calories goal even with the pretzels)
  4. The last explanation would be my cycle that comes to it’s end.

I cannot blame exercise and say that I am hungrier when I move more because earlier in my cycle this month I was walking even more and was less hungry than normal.

Who is guilty? My guess, “the fun time of the month “is coming. There should be a way to track that on Fitbit so I could find out for sure. Now that I think of it, there is a journal on Fitbit that I could use to track things like that so I can eventually see a pattern instead of analysing everything again and again. Weirdly I don’t seem to remember from month to month the details of my weight loss.


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4 thoughts on “May

  1. My guess is you did NOTHING to cause a gain. Our bodies fluctuate often because we’re lucky enough to be women. :/ Don’t think too hard about the pound gained. The overall picture is more important, and overall you are losing! Yippee!

  2. I agree with shadow… even in my case… I could break my head just wondering why in the world I didn’t lose weight for almost an entire month! and then even gained a little… but… sometimes it’s just hormones… there are of course things we can always do better… and I am right there with you in the water intake… I did good but I could’ve done better… I was avoiding drinking as much because we were out and about and then you have to be running to the bathroom too often, then in my case… I know I eat too much salt which isn’t good either… so… I guess we can always fix certain things but overall you are doing awesome and 1 pound shouldn’t be a concern… 🙂 Good job!!!

  3. Thanks Thinlady, I never thought of the salt but there was a lot on the pretzels so it could have been that too! But you are right I will just stop trying to find a cause because there is probably lots of causes loll 🙂

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