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Gardening,baking and napping

The children are napping…well my daughter’s friend is napping and I wish my daughter was napping too but she is fighting it. She would definitely need a rest because when her friend comes over she is busier than usual and gets very tired at the end of the day. Unfortunately I cannot force these things.

I put a cartoon movie on so they have a quiet time and it took daughter’s friend about 5 minutes to fall asleep on the sofa. Daughter is changing position every 2 minutes and is having lots of trouble keeping still loll

This morning I stepped on the balance board before their day started and I had a little loss so hopefully I will lose that 1 pound that crawled back on me the other day. I had a good night of sleep yesterday(7 hours) so it should help.

It was so dark and grey this morning, a bit depressing but I took the girls outside to play anyway and I moved my blueberry tree while we were out there. it was kind of sitting in a place where water tend to accumulate when it rains so it didn’t,t seem too happy about that. Now I am hoping to have at least 3 blueberries at the end of the summer and maybe enough for a snack next year.

We have to move in the middle of the summer so I will have to either move all my fruit trees to the new house next year or leave them and start over again. One thing sure any tree that I will buy is going to produce food. Land is so expensive it should at least feed us a little.

Now I am just waiting for the cinnamon and raisin bread to be ready for the girls snack. It smells wonderful in here!  It’s a shame you won’t be able to taste it Winking smile


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3 thoughts on “Gardening,baking and napping

  1. Mmm.. 3 blueberries. 🙂 Don’t eat ’em all at once. lol It’ll be nice, though, when it starts producing more. Blueberry muffins, blueberry pancakes, blueberry yogurt…..
    My hubby would love to try your cinnamon raisin bread. He has a cinnamon raisin bagel almost every morning!

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