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Fresh strawberry pie

Daughter wanted a strawberry pie today and it’s Canada day tomorrow so I though it would make a perfect “red” treat. So we went to the grocery store and bought strawberries and other things. Is there anyone who is able to walk out of a store with only the thing that was on the list? Not me apparently because my kart was half full.

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No weigh-in

I am really busy at the moment and it’s why I am not posting as much. I still didn’t weight myself and I will only do it on Monday like I said. To be honest not weighing myself is not worrying me too much but I don’t do as good with food as I should. Everything is really healthy, whole food, lots of fruit and veggies, home-made stuff,but I haven’t been tracking calories very consistently and I ate too much “starch food” too.

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Aroma souvenir

olive oilWhen I was in my 20’s and fat was not the enemy I used to grow purple basil and dry it on the branches. basilWhen it was dry I would take leaf by leaf and put it all in a glass bottle without breaking them until I couldn’t fit anymore in the bottle. I would then take a good olive oil and fill the same bottle with it. I would wrap it in foil to prevent the light from spoiling it and store it for 3-4 months in a cool place…

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Focus on the right food

Surprisingly I don’t suffer even a little bit from not stepping on the balanced board(scale). I guess it was more of chore than something I really wanted to do. I have been on track those past 2 days and try to give myself a variety of healthy food. I had some walnuts yesterday. I love nuts and when I started dieting I kind of banned them from my diet. I think I was wrong because it a good food is not transformed. Of course almonds would be better but I only have walnut (for recipes) and I know that it is probably the fattest nuts ever but I am not going to throw them away so I will eat them slowly.

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No scale?

I though I was tough enough to take the everyday scale fluctuations but maybe I am not as tough as I would like to be. (The 2 pounds fluctuation I just had proved it to me) More important, I feel like logging food and exercising is pointless without the daily weigh-in that keeps me accountable.

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Have I lost the grip?

I am just wondering if I have lost the grip because I have been over my calorie goal lately. Not all the time but Sunday I didn’t even log anything at all so I don’t know how much over I was. Yesterday I was a little over like 1553 instead of 1411. Yes Sunday would probably show a gain but not yesterday because I was still way under “maintenance calorie”. I gained 2 pounds from last week. I know that I have let myself some loose lately. I don’t feel totally out of control but maybe more a lack of discipline.

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The importance of a father

Everywhere we always talk about mother’s and that children need them. It is true but we never talk about how they also need their father! I am so lucky that my daughter’s father is someone who can give her his full attention when he plays with her. He is amazing and fills her up with confidence and teaches her things about planets, nature etc. She seems to absorb his words so much more than mine.

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Grumpy me…

Grumpy me woke up today and weighed herself. I know that she shouldn’t have because she was up way earlier than usual and it means that it doesn’t reflect her “real weight” .It’s what she is telling herself anyway because the other day there was a difference of half a kilo when she weighed too early and also the board  said that she took a pound back. I know that she haven’t been as careful with food(I saw her eating tiramisu before bedtime and banana waffles for snack) as she should have been but I don’t think this is why she is grumpy.

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Surviving vaccination in 1 step


1– Don’t tell your child.

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View on my weight loss journey


I thought that I finally found a place where I could do an easy weight loss chart but after publishing the chart on this blog I found out that it had changed and I guess I wasn’t allowed to publish it and the only thing the website offered was a link to my chart. I decided to re-do the post.

Let’s say that Excel is not my strength! But I figured it out and finally made my own chart that I am free to publish if I want too! That way I won’t need to log in to a silly web site just to record my weight. Sometimes a problem is a good thing because your learn something Smile

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