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Just took a break

I had a cheat day yesterday. No it was not planned and started when my daughter asked me if we could make a chocolate cake. I decide that we would make 2 mini cake into little ramequins so I wouldn’t be tempted.

So we made them and I ate one of course. Then I decided that I was going to have a cheat day and treat myself. I had other stuff that I am normally careful with. Cheese curds, bread, home-made jam and we even made 2 more of those little brownies.

I didn’t really felt out of control since I turned it into a free day. This morning I stepped on the board like usual to and I took 0.1 kilo. It’s alright now I should be good without chocolate for a little while. I am happy that I didn’t make a whole cake or something that would last for 3 days because I would have lost it for sure.

It was good to have a break and not log any food for a whole day, I am ready to be back on track now!


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2 thoughts on “Just took a break

  1. Good for you! Sometimes you need that. And it doesn’t sound like you’re going to make it a habit, so no guilt! 🙂

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