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Today I packed a few more boxes. I attacked the “messy” electronic cupboard. What I mean is that we had a place where we stuffed all the chargers, plugs, cables, old telephones, computer speakers etc. It was all stock in a big knot. I threw a few things in the garbage because it wasn’t working anymore(don’t why it was in there in the first place). I sorted it all out and packed it. What looked like a small cupboard filled 4 boxes. I guess there is always more stuff than we think.

I try to see packing one cupboard at the time otherwise I will get crazy. I want everything to be packed and ready to go when the day arrives so it can be done faster.

I always lose things for a while when we move. Even if I write on the box what is in it, I guess I cannot write every little pieces and keep it general. The worst stuff is what’s hanging on the walls or the decoration pieces that all need to be wrapped up separately.

I kind of miss when I was able to pack all my belongings in my little car and just go loll Last time we moved I gave and through heaps of useless stuff and it looks like we have accumulated some more over the 4 years that we have been here.

Have a good weekend everyone!


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2 thoughts on “Packing…

  1. I hate to think of going through all of our stuff when it comes time to move. We’ve accumulated gobs of junk/treasures over our 13 years of living here, and 21 years of being married. I have a feeling we would throw most of it away, or donate it. Then we wouldn’t have to unpack it at our new place. lol
    Good luck to you! I know it can seem overwhelming at times, so one cupboard at a time is a great strategy!

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