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Happy Monday everyone!

Is there such a thing as “happy Monday”?!? Yes there is when you are a stay-at-home Mom.  It’s sunny, I have a great husband and a wonderful daughter. I am fairly healthy and I have almost lost 40 pounds! I am grateful for all of that!

I have little reminders of the lost weight every now and then when I put clothes that I didn’t wear anymore. Yesterday it was funny because i was having more trouble digging in the grass with the shuffle than I would normally have. I was basically standing and jumping on the shuffle and then I realise that usually I would just get one foot on it and push down with my weight. I guess 38 pounds makes a difference there as well.

Yesterday we made stuffed bread. We just cut circles in the rolled bread dough and put them in cupcake tins, stuffed them and put another circle on top for the lid. I did coconut and custard and raisin cinnamon. Guess what daughter chose to stuff hers? Milk chocolate chip of course! I can’t blame her since I also love chocolate but find it very addictive. It was a bit of a guess when the time came to pick one since they looked all the same so we called them “surprise bread”. It all turned out delicious and we had the left overs for breakfast this morning.


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2 thoughts on “Happy Monday everyone!

  1. Mondays ARE happy when it’s your day off! 🙂 I’ll try not to think about having to go back to work already tomorrow….
    Enjoy the sun!!

    • Thanks I did! I started to make a fairy garden with daughter but apparently it’s going to rain all night and all day tomorrow so our little hills might not be so high on wednesday loll It will a on going project for us. I will take pictures once our house has a roof 🙂

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