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Yesterday something weird happened to me…I already called most of the places to have my service move to our new address in July. I don’t like doing that kind of stuff but someone has to do it. So when I called I made sure that the person on the phone was repeating everything back to me so I would be sure that they had the good address and the good date. I even took  name and employee number in case there would be a problem.

So just a month before we are moving(yesterday) I realised that I couldn’t access the internet. My first though was that there is a problem with my connection so I unplugged everything and plugged it back again, turn the modem off and back on, but nothing. Then it hit me. What if the guy that processed my moving request put 06 instead of 07 in the month’s spot on his computer.  Since it  was the 7th of the 7th month, it could have made it confusing maybe.

I didn’t want to be on the phone for long but I had to call and of course they were experiencing a larger volume of calls at that time! So after 30 minutes I got the first person…After 5 people and 5 times telling the same story I finally got someone who could really fix something. I mean at first you always go through the foreign call center(not that I have something against it) and they can help with small problems but not with everything. So I got this guy who told me they already hooked it at the new house who has the owner still in it?!? He checked if they didn’t do any long distance call and tell me that it will be connected tomorrow(today).

He apologised a lot for the company and that was it for him, but not for me. YES, you do have to ask for compensation otherwise they NEVER offer anything to you except for cheap excuses made by someone else that has nothing to do with the mistake. Of course I asked and he gave me one month free internet saying that he could not do anything for the phone so I protested because of all the possible phone calls missed and inconveniences. He then also gave me a 10$ discount loyalty bundle on our monthly internet service. They should call it the “ customer-still-not-happy-after-our-first-cheap-offer-bundle”.

It felt better after … but it took at least 1 hour to get through the process! The worst part is that I could not go online… …Every time I would forget about it and go for my computer then realised that I had to wait ONE DAY. I felt miserable and felt horrible because I realised that I was addicted to it. When I was on vacation I didn’t always have a connection but I had something different to see and I didn’t feel so addicted. I am just glad that the electricity company didn’t put the wrong date too…


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2 thoughts on “Addiction

  1. Ugh! No matter how hard you try, things rarely seem to go smoothly. Good for you for asking for compensation. If businesses have to suffer a consequence, they try harder the next time to not make mistakes. (Unfortunately, it’ll still happen. We are human after all. But that doesn’t mean they should just be able to get by with an ‘Uh… I’m sorry…’ )
    Speaking of missing computer time, stay tuned for my upcoming post….. 😦

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