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Hello 40

Well, well. What a surprise this morning when I noticed I had a loss. Because you know that day without internet also meant a day without Fitbit and its calorie tracker. I could have done it with a calculator but I felt really lazy about it.

The Wii balance board just told me that I was weighing 76.4 kilos and even if I am happy about the loss it never really means much to me until I see it in pounds. So when I entered it into my fitness pal it said 40 pounds lost! YAY!  I know that I probably won’t stay there very long and come back to 39 pounds lost to eventually go pass 40 pounds (don’t know why but it always does that) I will still put that badge in on my sidebar!

The more I think about it the more I cannot believe that I have lost that much! The most amazing part is that I have lasted that long doing it! 6 MONTHS !!! I guess when it’s done the healthy and natural way it doesn’t feel as much like a diet but more as a new choice of life.

Thanks to everybody for your encouragements and support!


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6 thoughts on “Hello 40

  1. Fantastic job, it is a life long journey, and I am happy to see you are doing well!

  2. If, “It doesn’t feel like a diet”, then you are doing it exactly right! And because it doesn’t feel like a diet, you can keep it up for a long time! And you’re even eating bread!! That’s obviously proof that food isn’t BAD, it’s moderation that’s important. I’m so proud of you!

  3. mrsalexzan on said:

    Nice work Julie! You are an inspiration to me! And everyone else!

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