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View on my weight loss journey


I thought that I finally found a place where I could do an easy weight loss chart but after publishing the chart on this blog I found out that it had changed and I guess I wasn’t allowed to publish it and the only thing the website offered was a link to my chart. I decided to re-do the post.

Let’s say that Excel is not my strength! But I figured it out and finally made my own chart that I am free to publish if I want too! That way I won’t need to log in to a silly web site just to record my weight. Sometimes a problem is a good thing because your learn something Smile


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7 thoughts on “View on my weight loss journey

  1. That’s terrific! It allows you to see the overall picture that you’re going down, down, down! Now all you gotta do is follow the yellow line! πŸ˜‰

  2. WOW! Very consistent! That is awesome!!! You are doing great and I am soooo proud of you! You go friend!!

  3. I am still using Loseit! and the charts there are not the best but I am also using an excel chart which is way better and more precise. I like your new weight-loss button, yay 40 gone. You are really rocking it girl. Oh and I have to agree with The Thin Lady Inside, you sure are persistent!

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