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Surviving vaccination in 1 step


1– Don’t tell your child.


This morning my 4-year-old had an appointment with the nurse for a vaccination session….Never fun for a child or for a Mom. I didn’t tell her anything in advance because I thought that stress and fear never helps to relax and being tense always makes the pain worst. I was so right on this one! She was the happiest child until 30 seconds before the shots and sort of happy again 1 minute after( the stickers and tattoo helped) The nurse was awesome and made us feel very welcomed and comfortable. She explained everything to her so instead of “the nurse is going to poke you with a needle”, she said “ we are going to put little fighters inside your body so they can fight the naughty germs who wants to make you sick” accompanied with karate moves! Thank you nurse Sheila for being amazing!

I was so proud of my little girl who had water in her eyes but didn’t make a fuss at all!

So after I had promised my brave daughter something if she acted good so we went and bought craft supplies. I didn’t think of father’s day and  packed all our craft stuff so it worked out alright.

We also went to Tim Horton’s for lunch( to make “needle day” extra fun) which is better than McDo’s if you ask me. We always get a ham and Swiss cheese sandwich with tomatoes and lettuce on fresh bread. (I have to remove the lettuce and the cheese for daughter but she keeps the tomato YAY) At least we can name and see what is in it. She also had a strawberry doughnut because it looked pretty in the window and I had a macadamia nut cookie because it’s yummy and I couldn’t resist.

I picked myself up and for dinner I made a chickpea salad(cucumber, shaved carrot, sugar snap peas) with a tahini, lemon and crushed garlic dressing. It was so yummy! I love to dip bread in hummus and this was a more diet-friendly alternative and it had all the taste of hummus. I love chickpeas and never think about it when cooking. I don’t know why? After that I felt so full but very energetic. It’s funny because just before writing this post I googled “chickpeas benefits” and found this article and it says that chickpeas give you a boost of energy(true) and it is especially good for when you have your period (which I happen to have right now) because of the high iron content. Apparently it is also great for dieters too. So it turned out to be the best choice for dinner Smile.


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4 thoughts on “Surviving vaccination in 1 step

  1. You must feel so proud of your daughter. It always melted my heart to see my kids with tears in their eyes, but obviously holding them back to be brave. Give her a high five for me!
    Even with the macadamia nut cookie, it sounds like you did very well with your food intake today! That is the difference between changing your lifestyle and dieting. I bet you didn’t feel deprived at all, yet you ate relatively healthy and probably under calories.
    AND since you love cooking, your dinner was probably fun to make, and yummy to eat!
    What a great day all around! 🙂

    • Yeah when I think i know all about her she still finds ways to impress and surprise me everyday! I did alright with food…until at midnight(I was still awake) husband comes back from work and show up in the bedroom with a piece of tiramisu and a spoon! That was it with being on goal…He just wanted to bring me a treat and didnt think bad but he didnt know I already had a cookie either. So it was delicious…loll

  2. I am so happy your girl did great! we, as moms, feel bad for our children having to go through those pains (with doctors, etc.) but it’s great to see them bounce back and be happy after all 😉 …. So happy with you! And your food sounds awesome! YUM!!! You did really great! Good choices! 😉 I love chickpeas too and never ever cook with them… weird indeed

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