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Grumpy me…

Grumpy me woke up today and weighed herself. I know that she shouldn’t have because she was up way earlier than usual and it means that it doesn’t reflect her “real weight” .It’s what she is telling herself anyway because the other day there was a difference of half a kilo when she weighed too early and also the board  said that she took a pound back. I know that she haven’t been as careful with food(I saw her eating tiramisu before bedtime and banana waffles for snack) as she should have been but I don’t think this is why she is grumpy.

I don’t know why she is so grumpy actually but she is driving me crazy and EVERYTHING, I mean every little thing is annoying her. I am trying to make her smile but I would need someone to pull on the other side of her face to help me. Her daughter’s little friend is here today and they are not getting along very good and there is a lot of whining! Maybe her bad mood is contagious. They were so good with each other yesterday….

I know that she feels a little tired and maybe the girls feel the same so they are both laying down trying to have a nap. She had 2 coffees and then moved to a hot chocolate. I am now wondering if she needs something stronger?


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4 thoughts on “Grumpy me…

  1. So sad that you’re feeling grumpy. 😦 I have those days too, where I KNOW I’m grumpy, and I WANT to be grumpy, so I STAY grumpy, and everybody should just leave me alone…..
    ‘Course if you have young kids, it’s not that easy.
    Hopefully while they nap, you can enjoy some selfish time.
    Feel better soon!

  2. I had several days like that this week, and then randomly my mood improved for no good reason. Hopefully yours will too. As for whiney kids, maybe it was just everywhere this week. Mine fought like cats and dogs. Hope things get better

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