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The importance of a father

Everywhere we always talk about mother’s and that children need them. It is true but we never talk about how they also need their father! I am so lucky that my daughter’s father is someone who can give her his full attention when he plays with her. He is amazing and fills her up with confidence and teaches her things about planets, nature etc. She seems to absorb his words so much more than mine.

Since I am a stay-at-home-mom she spend more time with me. My husband works in hospitality and often comes back home late. He is never here for supper except for his days off. So I guess since she sees less of him everything he says has double importance for her. She absolutely adores her father and she is his little princess. I think being a princess in their father’s eyes is something that every little girl needs.

My father loved me as a child but never showed it that way, I never felt like a princess. I have never been told that I was “pretty” by him and I am just happy that my daughter gets all of that from hubby. I want her to know that she is beautiful inside and out and she will because of me but mainly because of her wonderful daddy.

Fathers also have a different approach with children than Moms. I tend to over-protect and see disasters in my head in order to prevent them from happening. Husband worry less and let daughter take some risk and experiment a little more. The difference I think is very healthy for children.  Happy fathers day to all fathers and to end my post here is something that daughter(4 1/2 years old) said to her friend about her father. She didn’t now we were listening and it made us laugh Smile

  When I will be 15, I won’t be able to jump on Daddy anymore because I’ll be 16.


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2 thoughts on “The importance of a father

  1. How sweet is she! One of the things I regret is not writing down all the sweet, funny things my children said when they were young, so if you haven’t been doing that already, you should…. they grow up SO quick!
    It’s a wonderful feeling seeing a father with their daughter, isn’t it? She is very lucky to have someone like him as a Daddy. Girls especially, need a Daddy’s praise and love to help them grow into confident adults. I’m sure a lot of my daughter’s confidence came from my husband. He’s very loving towards her – well, most of the time. She’s 13 now and can get on all of our nerves, lol. But she’s a great kid.
    Anyway, wish him a Happy Father’s Day from me!

    • I will if you do the same with your hubby loll. Yes I feel very lucky that she has him as a father! I guess i should write some of it. I take the time to appreciates the little moments but I am very lazy when it comes to record these moments. I actually never finished her baby album…I know …it is very shamefull!

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