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Have I lost the grip?

I am just wondering if I have lost the grip because I have been over my calorie goal lately. Not all the time but Sunday I didn’t even log anything at all so I don’t know how much over I was. Yesterday I was a little over like 1553 instead of 1411. Yes Sunday would probably show a gain but not yesterday because I was still way under “maintenance calorie”. I gained 2 pounds from last week. I know that I have let myself some loose lately. I don’t feel totally out of control but maybe more a lack of discipline.


That was before I baked mini-brownies for us. So I was on goal but somehow I decided to BAKE! I ate 2 of the 4 brownies and now I feel kind of sick. Not because I was out of control(even if I was) but because going from no chocolate, not much fat or sugar to lots of it all of the sudden, it’s hard on my tummy. I say good for me! It might teach me something like “it’s not because you crave it and it taste like paradise that it is paradise”. Paradise is more like feeling good in my own body or living in the tropics maybe but not pigging on brownies!

So I think I am just going to stop whining and take control of my health. After all, like I said before, it’s all in my head, it’s where it has to start. I know that I am always up and down but going back to where I was before and gain the weight back! No thank you!

I haven’t been posting as much as I usually do and yes it probably has something to do with my journey to health being out of track. First of all I dropped all exercise to see the pounds going down and even if it cheered me up when it did go down, my body is feeling the consequence of this decision. I got bored with it and felt lazy when I saw that it took so much time! I just gave up on it and after about 1 month of laziness I realise that my energy is way down! Am I going to be able to re-start the whole thing? I don’t know…As much as I love food, it’s always going to be easier to cut the food down than working out consistently. Sad I know…At least I learned something from it.


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7 thoughts on “Have I lost the grip?

  1. It wasn’t brownies for me. It was chicken strips and fries. After not having fried foods for a while, they literally made me feel sick after I ate them. That was my turning point in realizing I liked the way I felt physically and mentally after I ate good foods.
    Exercise is important, yes, but keep in mind that any kind of deliberate movement is “exercise”. So play with your daughter, go for those long walks, scrub your floors on your hands and knees, take a few extra trips up and down the stairs. Just move whenever possible.
    And by the way, 1500 calories doesn’t sound like you’re going over. Maybe look at your intake as an average for the week. If you’re averaging 1400-1500 per day, you’re doing pretty good. I think you could even go as high as 1600 and be ok. The average person maintains weight with 2000 calories a day, so unless you’re going over that everyday, it’s hard to believe that a small overage like that is what’s causing your weight gain. I would think it has more to do with your water weight. (Which you probably wouldn’t notice if you didn’t weigh yourself everyday. 😉 )
    Overall, I think you’re developing a healthy lifestyle, so don’t beat yourself up too much about the brownies and the couple extra pounds. Focus on the good things you have accomplished, and just keep striving for it. You’ll make it! I have confidence!

    • I guess that just the fact that my body reacts to unhealthy food is a good sign that it got used not having it loll. I feel a bit down on energy and motivation lately and your support is so apreciated. Thank you for being there!:-) Maybe since I will be moving and will have to go without the scale for prbably a few days or a week I should try a week without it right now. I am really scared to go crazy with food but I will never know if I don’t try I guess. I wonder if it would help me focus on the health part of my journey instead of the weight part? I will sleep on it for now and see tomorow.

  2. I totally agree with shadowrun well and look who is talking. I hardly see you whining, so don’t beat yourself up on it, I think I am an expert on whining here. 😉 Just do other activities like going for walks and all the things shadowrun mentioned. I don’t always feel like exercising either, even ZUMBA is too strenuous for me at the moment and I moved back to exerbeat. I am sure you will get back your mojo. Just keep in mind that you are facing some changes with the moving, so be aware that this might also play into it. Hey it’s 40 lbs gone for you, so you can do it! Keep it up! 😉

    • Thanks for your support Janet! I guess the moving is kind f stressing me out a bit r a lot haha. It,s crazy how some days I just feel so confident and other days I just feel down. Adding to what Shadow said this morning I was back at 40 pounds lost so the weekly scale thing might be the way to go even if it’s scaring me.

      • It’s working for me, I only step on it on Saturday morning usually but since I changed things up it will be Tuesday now I guess. It’s really not difficult, so just try it. 😉

  3. I think you and I are on the same path – it goes up and then down as my motivation waxes and wanes. I think as long as we stay on the trail we are a success…

  4. You are right Readytochange !It’s nly my mind playing games on me and I am still on the trail!

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