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No scale?

I though I was tough enough to take the everyday scale fluctuations but maybe I am not as tough as I would like to be. (The 2 pounds fluctuation I just had proved it to me) More important, I feel like logging food and exercising is pointless without the daily weigh-in that keeps me accountable.


Even if I am scared that without the everyday weigh-in I will eat too much and get out of track I will give myself a go and skip the scale for a week. I guess I have been a little stubborn with my “scale thing” and maybe I should have taken Shadow’s advice before. So today I am 168 pounds/76.4 kilos and I will weigh-in next Wednesday and see how I went. It is only an experiment and I might go back to my old ways or maybe I will surprise myself by doing good and liking the change.

My friend Thinlady is doing it for a whole month! I will follow her lead for a week only because I am not as brave as she is Smile. I know that Janet is doing weekly weigh-in so I am not alone. Writing things like this… I can really see my scale addiction now loll


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8 thoughts on “No scale?

  1. I suppose you should ask yourself if the scale is holding you accountable or taking away your confidence that you are doing things right. Like I told thinlady, keep track of your food intake and trust YOURSELF that your eating right. Go by how you feel after you’ve had a good day. No more nervousness that the scale won’t reflect how well you’re doing! I’m proud of you for giving it a try. 🙂

  2. jblinky on said:

    Personally I hate weighing myself every week let alone everyday! Go off how happy you are when you look in the mirror over what the scales say 🙂

  3. I discovered that only weighing in every week, kept me rather more accountable. Due to the lack of daily controll I felt oblidged to do good, so that in a week from now I wouldn’t have gained. Maybe you’ll feel the same?. 😉

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