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Surprisingly I don’t suffer even a little bit from not stepping on the balanced board(scale). I guess it was more of chore than something I really wanted to do. I have been on track those past 2 days and try to give myself a variety of healthy food. I had some walnuts yesterday. I love nuts and when I started dieting I kind of banned them from my diet. I think I was wrong because it a good food is not transformed. Of course almonds would be better but I only have walnut (for recipes) and I know that it is probably the fattest nuts ever but I am not going to throw them away so I will eat them slowly.

I will do my best from now on to focus on the things that are good for me, the food that feeds my body energy instead of only thinking about what I shouldn’t eat.


I have been looking at my daughter’s food intake as well using Canada’s food guide where we built her own guide with food example that she chose herself. It gave me a better idea of what she should get because even if milk is healthy, too much of it is not. So now I try to control dairy and grain and offer unlimited fruit and vegetables.

She has always been eating healthy with only a little pastry or chocolate here and there. There is never candies or sweet drinks available to her so she didn’t learn to like those kind of food. If I compare her to the other children I had in my home daycare that used to drink ice tea(the powder stuff full of sugar and caffeine) on their way to here or were drinking pops at home during the week-end, she is really good. All that doesn’t mean I cannot do better. She is just like me and loves bread and dairy so what I can do is control her portions of those so she gets enough of the other food groups.

Same for myself if I make sure I eat all the fruit and vegetable I should so there will be less place for the rest. I will just try to see things that way for a while see if it makes it easier.


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8 thoughts on “Focus on the right food

  1. You are totally on the right track with this! There are SO many good for you foods out there that are delicious! And most times, since they are lower in calories, you can eat so much more! And even though the walnuts are higher in fat and calories, they are a healthy fat. So yes! Eat ’em! Just not tons at a time!
    And when you want the bread, have a serving of it! I know many people will say bread is the enemy, but to me it’s not. Whole wheat is best, of course, but a serving of white bread here or there is not detrimental to your diet. Just count it in as part of your calorie intake.
    I’m excited for you! In fact, I want to encourage you to wait two weeks before you weigh again, now that you’re starting this new focus on eating. (Are you grumbling about that?? If so, how about 10 days. Deal? 🙂 )

    • loll ok….thinking …thinking… I probably could do 10 days but 2 weeks is to close from moving date and I would not be able to weigh-in. Ok it’s a deal, 10 days OR when I pack the wii and the gaming gear. I would have liked to see if there was any positive result on wednesday but ok , a deal is a deal 🙂

      • The only reason I even mention waiting a little longer is because I don’t want you to feel down if you haven’t lost any weight. Of course, if you have, it will be a great motivator, but if you haven’t, you may start questioning if what you are doing is right. And we KNOW that it’s right.
        I can’t blame you for wanting to weigh in on Wednesday, however, so if you absolutely want to, then go ahead! 🙂 I won’t be upset. lol

      • You are right that I might not see any result from not weighing for a week only so 10 days is fine…and a deal is a deal! 😉 So not this monday but the next then 🙂

  2. Excellent resource!

  3. Good for you. Sounds like your mojo is back. 😉 I am focusing on making healthy foremost and once I have mastered that I will try to focus more on what you are doing right now. You should be proud, you are really doing good.

  4. Thanks Janet! So are you! I constantly have to remind myself …can’t wait for the healthy stuff to become natural habits for me ! It is getting easier so with time it should happen.

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