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Aroma souvenir

olive oilWhen I was in my 20’s and fat was not the enemy I used to grow purple basil and dry it on the branches. basilWhen it was dry I would take leaf by leaf and put it all in a glass bottle without breaking them until I couldn’t fit anymore in the bottle. I would then take a good olive oil and fill the same bottle with it. I would wrap it in foil to prevent the light from spoiling it and store it for 3-4 months in a cool place…

…When I would finally take it out to try it, I could see all the purple leaves through the oil and the aroma was so beautiful. It tasted like heaven. I would just dip my bread in it, I could have almost drank the stuff. It eggplantswould have made a great present but I was too selfish loll. Weirdly I was not skinny but thinner than I am now.

I was just thinking about that because I made myself a chickpeas and vegetable salad(no lettuce just veggies) and it would have been delicious in it.

I am trying to focus on the fruit and vegetables as I said yesterday and it is kind of nice. I feel more positive about the whole healthy eating thing. I made myself some baba ganoush and some humus and I will dip vegetables in it instead of bread…I probably will dip bread in it too loll


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8 thoughts on “Aroma souvenir

  1. That sounds amazing! And sooo beautiful too! you are right! It would’ve been a beautiful present! 🙂 Now I want to make my own!!!

    So glad to be back!

  2. Olive oil is a healthy fat! 🙂 Just don’t drink it. lol
    Thanks for the link to baba ganoush. I’ve never heard of that before.
    I like hummus too. When I buy it for hubby and I, I buy him bread or pita chips, and I use carrots or broccoli to dip. To me, it’s just as good! 🙂

  3. That looks lovely!
    I was watching Dr.Oz the other day and he was talking about Rice Bran oil and how much healthier it is…even than his fave olive oil. I wonder if you were to try that. It is much lighter than olive oil, though I can’t speak to the fat content.

  4. I have this dream of making all these infusions…someday I will retire 🙂

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