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No weigh-in

I am really busy at the moment and it’s why I am not posting as much. I still didn’t weight myself and I will only do it on Monday like I said. To be honest not weighing myself is not worrying me too much but I don’t do as good with food as I should. Everything is really healthy, whole food, lots of fruit and veggies, home-made stuff,but I haven’t been tracking calories very consistently and I ate too much “starch food” too.

I am letting the moving stress take over I guess. It’s not like it’s going to last forever and when it’s over and unpacked I will be able to concentrate on my journey to health better. I am not saying I am giving up (I won’t) but just giving myself a little slack for a little while. I won’t fall into fast food because I really don’t care for that kind of stuff except maybe for pizza on the day we move.

I have been on goal with calories some days and other I didn’t even bother with logging food because I knew anyway I was over( I know…bad attitude) but packing means less coking so there will be more sandwich. I always have fruit and veggies with it anyway so it balance the whole bread thing a little.

I have to go now so have a good weekend. Happy Canada day(July 1) for my fellow Canadians!


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2 thoughts on “No weigh-in

  1. Sandwiches aren’t bad… I love me a good turkey sandwich with mustard instead of mayo, no cheese and lots of veggies. 🙂 It sounds like you’re doing just fine to me.
    I’d guess you’re being plenty active with all the packing and moving. When is your move-in date? Or all you already there? (I’m sorry if I should know this already. 😉 )
    Happy Canada Day to you! Do you celebrate the way we do down here? Burgers, brats, watermelons and fireworks?
    Enjoy you’re weekend!!

    • It’s next week, I didn’t mention any date so you are reading fine loll, I am almost dne with the packing apart from the last minute stuff. Canada day there will be burgers, hotdogs, ballons, music, games for kids in the afternoon in the park and of course fire works when it’s finally dark at around 11hpm. So I guess it is pretty similar right? It’s fun keeping daughter awake that late for once.
      We have been eating watermelon all week(mostly me) it’s so delicious! and it last for a while so I better go cut myself a slice 🙂 Have a great week end too!(probably working)

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