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One little thing at the time

Fresh strawberry pie

Daughter wanted a strawberry pie today and it’s Canada day tomorrow so I though it would make a perfect “red” treat. So we went to the grocery store and bought strawberries and other things. Is there anyone who is able to walk out of a store with only the thing that was on the list? Not me apparently because my kart was half full.

Once home I took the defrosted ball of pie crust dough and remembered that my rolling-pin was packed. Then I also realised that I had packed the pie plates…I couldn’t disappoint my 4-year-old so I improvised. Down here is my foil pie plate in a cookie tray.


My rolling-pin…


The result…I tried to drip some melted chocolate but I only had a little left and I didn’t have any wax paper to make a decoration bag so it looks messy.


I am sure that our tummy won’t mind the messy dripWinking smile. It should be served with whipped cream but I forgot to buy it.


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