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Today I am taking some time to post about my experience of 10 days with no scale. First of all, I didn’t miss the daily weight-in. It felt like one less thing to worry about. Secondly did I keep accountable? Not really. I ate lots of fruit and vegetables but I let myself have a little more of everything and even a few more treats that I would normally have. After about a week I even stopped logging my food intake…

For those who don’t know, I am moving this week so it’s been very stressful lately and it kind of takes all the place in my mind so I am not really focus on the weigh-loss journey at the moment. I don’t think I lost focus because of the experiment but maybe to see real result with it I could have picked a better time with nothing stressful happening in my life. I am not giving up on the idea but I think I will have to settle in our new home and get back on track before I try it again.

So because of ME not counting calories too well for those 10 days I have taken a pound back…or not(could be just the time of the day as well). So I can just says that my weight stayed about the same. I don’t feel bad or depress or anything like that. In fact I think it was a very positive experiment. It showed me that I could maintain my weight without too much food logging. It happened the same when I was on holiday, I though that I was way out of track and my weight was about the same when I came back. Another thing that I started to do in this experiment is counting my fruit and veggies intake mentally (way easier than calorie counting) and it’s more health oriented than weigh loss but  at least if I do that I know that I will have a more balanced diet. Thank you Shadow for your good advises and I will give it another go later in the summer.

One other thing that I realised is that people (like Shadow) who lost weight 10 years ago didn’t have any calorie counting tool on internet like we have but they had an advantage on us. Because they had to count everything by hand and write everything down, I think they were more likely to remember how many calorie the food is worth. That is something very useful when you don’t have internet access or when you don’t want to bother logging the food sometimes.

Yesterday was Canada day and we spent part of the day taking the swing set and daughter’s bed apart and putting the microwave/fan in place on top of the stove. Luckily we decided to take a break and go spend some time at the park where the town had done something special for the day.

It was great! At first we(she) went in the bouncing castle and then she had her fingerprints taken by the police department and they gave the paper with the prints on instead of keeping it in their files loll. She got to climb in the town’s fire truck and press all the different sirens and noisy buttons. There was fishing for treats games, face paintings, balloons, cookies. All of it was free which is awesome for the families that have a tight budget.

The best of all was the opening of the splash park. Hubby went in there  with daughter and they had so much fun! I had just as much fun to watch them! We came back home and stayed awake until 12h30 am because we had to watch the fireworks. It always impresses me even if I am 36 years old so imagine my 4-year-old yelling WOW and screaming of excitement for every one of them. It was a such beautiful day!


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14 thoughts on “After 10 days

  1. It’s definitely difficult to manage a whole lot of changes at once. I’m not worried that once you get settled in to your new place, that you’ll settle back into a healthy routine. I like your idea of counting fruit and veggie intake rather than calories. I always view them as “free”, because they are so good for you, and those calories seem to burn off quickly. I love filling up on those and then having a single portion of breads and meats. I feel like I’m eating a lot… which is mentally helpful to me! I like my meals to last a LONG time.
    I think having to figure out calories on my own, and writing them down on paper has really helped me remember the amounts of calories in certain foods. I’ve told you I still keep track, but it’s not exact. I’m just aware everyday of what I have eaten, and my meals rarely change. If I go out to eat, I make more of an effort to figure out how many calories were in my meal. (I usually know ahead of time what I am going to order so I can plan for it.)
    Sounds like you all had a great time on Canada Day. Our Independence Day is coming up on the 4th. It’s gonna be a hot one. Over 100 degrees like it has been for the past two weeks. I fear for my son who has to march in the parade on that day. I’ve been warning him to start hydrating himself now! All he hears is “blah, blah, blah”, I’m sure. 🙂
    Anyway, good luck with the final days of moving! I’m excited for you!

    • Thanks for your nice comment. I still have a lot to learn with counting calories mentally but with the time I will probably get better. I hope you and family have a great independance day even with the heat. Take photos of the parade for us 🙂
      Us moms to a lot of “blah blah blah” don’t we. I think some of it gets in their little head somehow. When I see in my daughter’s action that some of my blah blah worked(2%) it makes me so happy! It probably gets more difficult as they grow….
      Cannot wait to write a post about my new house because the moving will be over loll

  2. I am very excited and proud of you taking on this challenge! You do learn a lot of things when you do something like this… about yourself, about what works for you and about the importance of staying accountable “no matter what” you are doing awesome regardless of any pound back! 😉 … Changes are hard to manage… and I know once you settle in it will become easier 🙂 Looking forward to continue to see your amazing progress once you are all back to a routine. Big Hugs!!! 🙂

  3. The fact that you were able to maintain says a lot. Especially since it is during a stressful time like moving. You should feel good about the accomplishment. The real concern would have been if you had packed on weight if you weren’t watching, the fact that you didn’t is a victory in itself

  4. One thing I have realized for myself is, that I started creating my own foods on Loseit!, since all the products that are available in this system hardly ever apply to things that can be bought over here. In order to actually know what has now many calories, I started creating my own stuff and am now writing downhow many calories are in 100 grams – or in your case an ounce – of this or that. I have a smale scale at home for this very purpose and a few very helpful sides on the internet, which are unfortunately in German.

    Anyway, you are doing really great. Just focus on the moving and your family for the time being. I am so excited for you. Keep us updated. 😉

    • Thanks Janet! I also have a small scale too and use it a lot. It takes time to write all those recipes with portion/calories but once you are done you can use the information again.

      • Oh, you are back, I have been wondering, what’s been going on in your life. I hope you are doing good. I missed you and it’s good that you are back!! 😉

  5. Thank you so much for sharing. Good luck! I have researched much as I am not convinced that weight loss surgery is my option, and I am glad that I found something that saved me from the surgical knife cost and complications as well as irreversible damage. Roca Labs gastric bypass no surgery has helped me loss 43 lbs and still counting… I am glad that I am winning back a healthy weight. I am sharing this to let others know that there is an alternative to surgery and a healthy approach to weight problem.

    • Hi! Thanks for visiting. You are so right to look at all the option because they are many ways to lose weight and you have to find what works best for you. Personnaly surgery sounds too scary for me loll I think for me, counting calories and making the right food choices to feed my body energy is the way to go. It’s not easy everyday but little by little I see this as normal and as a new life style. It might be a slower way to lose weight but I need time so my brain and body learn to stick to the healthy habits for life so I can maintain my healthy weight when I reach it. Good luck 🙂

    • Shawn Phillips on said:

      I absolutely agree with you. Think thoroughly before doing something. I was also about to undergo surgery but I weigh in the pros and cons and I think maybe I should choose a safer route on how to lose weight.

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