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Something I will try! A great tool to fight the cravings and give our body what it needs! 🙂

The Thin Lady Inside

I found this chart online and thought it’s very interesting!

Many times I’ve felt like the cravings I have are the consequence of my body “lacking something” (not all the time of course! many times it’s just me wanting to have ice cream or brownies LOL!) but there are times when I feel something “bigger than me” just NEEDING to eat sugar or MEAT! and I feel that it’s your body asking you for something that it’s needing…. now… we can always make good choices (even when trying to satisfy those cravings) so I thought this was very neat!

I remember there was a time when my mom (being a teacher) was always desperately craving to eat chalk! which was very odd (even for her! It didn’t make any sense!) but she would sometimes give in and bite a little bit of chalk in her desperation! Well… she went to…

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It’s been a while…

…since I wrote a post. It’s been a while since I last weighed myself. It’s been a while since I logged food and tracked calories. It’s been a while since I read my e-mails (inbox is full) and it’s been a while since I visited the blogs that I follow.

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