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                                                    …I stepped on the balance board this morning and to my surprise I had a loss. I am about 2 pounds down from last weigh in and the wonderful news is not just the loss but the fact that I haven’t weighed in or logged any food in the Fitbit calorie tracker since July the second. About 2 weeks without any tracking at all and I have a loss!!!! It makes me really happy! It gives me hope for the maintenance phase whenever I’ll be there.

Things have changed a bit with our meal time around here because we now take all our meals at the kitchen table. It is in a separate room from the living room so we cannot see the TV and I am pretty happy about that! I would probably still be happy even if we would have lost the TV. So instead of eating while reading blogs and daughter is watching a show, we eat and talk together which is so much more important. It’s so easy to get used to new habits in a new house. I used to like open plan style house but not so much anymore. Our new house is still a little open but is a little separate as well. I love it this way!

There is still no sign of the camera so still no photos, sorry Sad smile


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5 thoughts on “A good news

  1. I often wonder if eating in front of the TV on the couch once I left my parents’ home wasn’t a contributor to my expanding waist! Yet I still have this habit, even today, and I tell myself “this would change if I had a child”. Perhaps a new habit to think about breaking once my current mini-challenge is behind me!

    • I guess I got the habit the same way you did instead of eating alone I was eating with the TV but it’s a habit that was harder to get rid of in my other house where the TV could be watched from everywhere. It is proven to help gain weight, I guess the fact that we are not concentrating on the food, we eat more. It happened so often to me when I was reading blogs on my laptop while eating. I wasn’t even looking at the food and I would reach for a piece of sandwich in the plate beside me and realise there was none left. I guess if someone would have keep filling the plate up I would have keep eating…lol

      • That is funny! 🙂 My hubby did the same thing this morning with his bagel. He reached for it while reading something on his computer. It wasn’t there, so he turned to me. “Did I really eat my whole bagel already?”
        So it’s definitely true. I like to read while I eat. It’s probably a bad habit, but I’m able to maintain my weight and not overeat, (although that wasn’t always the case) so I’ll continue to do it.
        We have an open house too. I liked it at first, but soon realized I wish we had SOME separation. Everybody needs their own space once in a while.

      • lol very funny! I am not alone 🙂 I guess it’s not too bad if you stop eating when the plate is empty and if you accept that you are the one who ate it ;-).
        Open plan is nice when your kids are little so you can watch them all the time but as they grow it’s like you said.:-)

  2. WOOHOO!! That is so great. I am so happy for you. And eating minus the TV is great. When the TV is not on, I have made the experience that people actually talk!! So that is a nice bonus. Keep it up Julie! You are doing great!!!

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