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Nothing to say…

After the moving and not weighing in so often and not logging calories much I just realised that it is harder to go back to logging my food than I thought it would be. I wanted to only weigh-in one time a week but I don’t think it’s going to work for me.

Somehow the daily morning weigh-in used to set me up for the day and put me into “losing weight mode”. I don’t really care to know how much I weigh every day but it is more a way to start a new “diet day” and making myself stick with it. I kind of forget what I am supposed to eat and do in order to lose weight if I don’t get that morning check-in. Even if I still did good with my food, keeping it very healthy and eating heaps of fruit and veggies there was little treats like custard fruit pies. I could have at least skipped the pie crust but I didn’t.

Anyway I will go back my balance board every morning (eventually I will get a proper scale so it makes the process faster) see if it helps putting me back on track.

Another thing I have to work on is to go to bed early, I should say go to sleep early because I can spend hours with my laptop “in bed” reading stuff.

I should also try to post more often. For some reason since the move I have lost interest in my blog a little and in my diet loll, I feel like I have nothing to say anymore…


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8 thoughts on “Nothing to say…

  1. Mayve we should have another Wii competition to get you back into the mood. 😉 Unfortunately my balance board is no konger working so, we could do it with Exerbeat. Like acertain routine or something. Keep it up and take it one step at a time.

    • Oh what a great idea Janet, Thanks!, it would make me do some exercise. Not to hard at first please! lol I am on for that because I really have to do something of this body. Let me know what routine we should start with 🙂

      • Mh, let’s see, the boxing is a good excercise. We could make it a challenge with the rhythm points you get. Like who get’s the most points or something. Like so a certain routine, you remeber that they have certain routines, lasting 10, 15 or 20 something minutes. But we could also start with the aerobic workouts. Make a suggestion. 😉

      • how about a mix like a short aerobic with a short boxing for a start?Maybe 10 min and 10 minutes. I haven’t been on there for ages and don’t remember wich one is which so you make a pick and tell me the name of it:-) It is going to be a real challenge for me! loll I feel like I have started to rust lol

      • Okay, then, I have already finished for now, but I can tell you what I did today. Maybe you have a look and try to get back into it. CHeck the times to find the exact routines. Today I did:
        Exerbeat – Boxing 9:36 min
        Exerbeat – Aerobi 15:20 min
        Exerbeat – Merengue 13.17 min
        Exerbeat – Salsa 13:40 min
        Exerbeat – Yoga 4:26 (here I know that it were the warrior positions)
        Have a look at those and tell me which you would like. 😉 I am so proud that you are back at it! You can so do it!!!

      • I am just finding this comment, I guess I am late or something. Ok now it’s to late at night but I will try that tomorrow 🙂 and will post something about it…if I am not dead 😉

  2. I’m happy you check in at least every once in a while! I imagine with all the changes you’ve been going through recently, it’s probably difficult to get back into your normal routine… or perhaps you’re developing a new normal routine. 😉
    I never have a problem sleeping. In fact, I WISH I wasn’t so tired that I fall asleep before even hitting the pillow most nights. I keep kidding my husband and telling him ‘I just wanna be a Princess!’ Anyway, enough about me. 🙂
    Hope things are going well for you otherwise. At least share a few posts (or an email with me) so I can know what’s going on!

    • I have just lost my old routine , just like you said. It is hard to get back to it. Especially tracking calories but I have been doing it so far today so there is a little hope. Everything else is good and I am trying to organise my home daycare(it kinda occupy all my mind actually) but I don’t want to lose my old project(me) in the process. It is going to be my biggest challenge ever! 🙂 Thanks for the support by the way:-)

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