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As I wrote in my last post, lately I have felt like if I lost control over my journey to a healthier me. No daily weigh-in, not much food tracking made me feel like if I was not doing the right thing and was slipping away from my goal. I really didn’t exercise much for a good while apart for moving boxes and furniture. Luckily I have my friend Janet who offered a little Exerbeat challenge to me to get me off my bum.

Anyway yesterday I have decided to re-start my daily weigh-in to put me back on track so this morning I stepped on the board and I had lost 2 pounds from last week weigh-in. I was really not expecting that because all week I have felt like if I was gaining weight. I really felt tighter in my new short and I also felt like if I was letting myself gaining the weight back slowly.

So now I am really confused…My mind is playing tricks on me or what? I know that I made sure I was eating lots of fruit and veggies(raw veggies too) lately, I also substituted sugar for honey (after watching that BBC show on Janet’s blog) and have been eating some almonds everyday but I was not logging food.

So is it just a luck or I am really able to lose weight without tracking calories? Maybe when I don’t track calories I don’t feel as deprived so I don’t have so much cravings? Who knows!

All I want is to have some weight loss every week. This is exactly what I got this week. I would have been happy with 1 pounds only but 2 is good! So even if I was sure about what I said in my last post, today it changes everything. I want to give no daily weigh-in another week to see if this morning was just a lucky number or the real thing. To know that I would be able to lose weight without tracking food would be an awesome boost of self-confidence for me.

It was Shadow who first talked me into forgetting about the scale for a while and I know that Shadow is counting calories in her mind but I really doubt I could do it too. It turns out there might be a little bit of hope on that side for me. 🙂

So all that to say that once more I am changing my mind and will not weigh in for another week.


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3 thoughts on “What???

  1. That’s all sooo awesome! I am so proud of you and happy for you!!! How exciting~! you got it!!! 🙂

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