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School visit

For the first part of the day I did alright with my food choices but the second part not so good.

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Fitbit calorie tracking

I had a good day today and did alright with my food choice. I could have done better but at least I didn’t go for crème brulé or chocolate covered strawberries.

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Kick in the butt award!

My nice friend Janet nominated me for the inspiration award! Thank you so much Janet! The thing is, lately I haven’t been on track and didn’t exercise much so I really don’t feel like I am inspiring anybody so I was very surprised. Maybe this award just gave me a reason to kick my own butt and put myself on track because this morning I did some Exerbeat.

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I still love Exerbeat

I finally made myself do a little work out this morning. I just did my old 25 min. Exerbeat routine and I did good to my surprise. Somehow I might not be in such hopeless physical state. It made me sweat but it might be because it is so hot in here and I also felt some kind of burn in my shoulder muscles. What? I still have some kind of muscles in there loll. I always knew that the worst part of exercising was “to start it” but I proved it to myself again this morning because once I was in it it was a lot of fun!

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Dream meanings…

Just a quick post to say that I logged my food for the whole day yesterday and was on goal even with all the muffin I ate because I was really active throughout the day.

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Another badge from Fitbit

You earned the Helicopter badge!

You’ve climbed 500 floors, that’s like reaching the altitude of a Helicopter. Halfway to the next badge!


Isn’t it funny? loll

I used to live in a 3 level house, how wonder how many floors I have climbed there Winking smile

I did alright!

Today I was downstairs with my daughter and 2  little girls. It was kind of my second home daycare day. I have been looking after my friend’s little girl but it’s not the same because she is 5 and used to my rules so her and daughter are free to play in the whole house. When there is other kids at the daycare we stay in the daycare part because it is child proof and set for that purpose. 

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Calorie intake

Just a quick post to say that I logged my food 2 days in a row! If I keep doing it it’s going to seem less and less like a terrible chore Smile

Aug-05=2083 out of 1193 (was not very active that day)

Aug-06=1798 out of 1593 (it’s getting better) I climbed 21 floor that day, no my house is not that tall Winking smile

When I am more active Fitbit allow me a bigger calorie goal

Have a good day everyone!

What is happening with me?

Well it seems like I took a pound back in 10 days. It’s ok because I know that I have been eating less fruits and vegetables at the end of the week because I ran out of it and waited to go grocery shopping. It’s all my fault but it’s only 1 pounds, nothing that cannot be fixed right?

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