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What is happening with me?

Well it seems like I took a pound back in 10 days. It’s ok because I know that I have been eating less fruits and vegetables at the end of the week because I ran out of it and waited to go grocery shopping. It’s all my fault but it’s only 1 pounds, nothing that cannot be fixed right?

It’s not dramatic of course but the worst part is that I have lost interest into this blog and logging food and exercising. My mind is busy with trying to get my home daycare business going and there is hardly any place left for the rest. I hope I am going to find some kind of balance into this soon.

Janet kindly offered me a challenge to help me get back into exercising and to be honest I didn’t even turned the Wii on. I feel ashamed about that. I haven’t been writing or even reading but I will do my best to catch up. Thank god there is stairs in this house because that and house chores is about all the exercise I got lately loll.

I am sorry if I have been so silent…I don’t really have a good excuse for that considering other fellow bloggers that are busy like crazy but still find some time to manage their blogs. I will try to get myself together but no promises loll

Now I will go visit my friends blog and try to catch up…


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12 thoughts on “What is happening with me?

  1. Umm.. this blogger doesn’t find a whole lot of time either. I definitely go in spurts. You have been so busy that it’s no wonder you haven’t had time to blog. Your focus is on other things right now, so no reason to feel guilty about any of it! I have to say I have missed you though! I was hoping you were doing alright, and it sounds like you are! It’s an exciting time for you right now… things WILL settle down and you’ll be able to spread your focus out into other areas once you’re in a routine.
    1 pound is nothing in 10 days! The stair climbing and housework must be doing it’s job! I have a feeling you’re eating better than you think you are.
    Good to hear from you again! Be sure to keep in touch every once in a while!

    • I missd you too! Always the good advice at the right moment :-). I logged my food today(all of it) so it’s a first in over a month. I eat lots of healthy stuff..if I have it in the fridge but I have also tried a few muffin recipes for the daycare(excuses). Healthy muffins with fruits and different kind of flour. I unfortunatly had to sample them too loll I would like to provide those kids with healthy food that they would help to make once I get one of those mini-oven thing.
      The stairs are a blessing! I think I am starting to get muscles in my thighs lol Thanks for the encouragements, it’s really good to hear from you too and reading your post again 🙂

  2. I think we all blog (and manage life) in “spurts”. Some days/weeks/months are better than others. Hang in there- you sound like you have a lot on your plate!

  3. 1 lbs in 10 days is nothing to worry about!

    You will never hear me complaining about your lack of posts! If you don’t feel like it don’t do it! You should do it for fun when it feels right. Its ok if right now other things are more important, everyone understand! But I do love to see how you are doing, even if its a quick snipit! : )

  4. It’s all natural Julie, I have been quite active the last month, in terms of writing but that was only due to my newly found determination and the new challenges I set for myself. I am sure you will get back into your groove, whatever that might be, once you have settled down entirely and things fall into place. Don’t worry and keep it up!

  5. We are here for you! I am here… I need my weight-loss/blogging pal! You can do this! Many hugs!

  6. BTW I am crazy busy too… but I know I need this for my journey… Hopefully you find the time too… otherwise you know we’ll wait for you! 🙂

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