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I did alright!

Today I was downstairs with my daughter and 2  little girls. It was kind of my second home daycare day. I have been looking after my friend’s little girl but it’s not the same because she is 5 and used to my rules so her and daughter are free to play in the whole house. When there is other kids at the daycare we stay in the daycare part because it is child proof and set for that purpose. 


My work day started at 7h30 and ended at 6h30. I am tired and surprised that I did over 10000 steps! I really felt like I was sitting the whole day but maybe I was just trying to loll. The girls played in the pool, the slippery slide and had a blast! If it weren’t for the mosquitos we would have spent more time outside. We walked to the park this morning and daughter had 10 bites in 30 minutes with bug repellent on so we came back inside after that.

I will have to find the right routine when I officially start the daycare (when I will get steady clients). For now I am doing school holidays and back up care only. Hopefully I will find more people soon. I have an interview tomorrow with a mom that already saw my website so she knows my rates and hours. It means she is truly interested,  I will tell you tomorrow what happens with that.

Since we were downstairs all day I could only eat what I had brought down there(witch is good). Thank god I though of doing myself an extra latte to get me through the afternoon because it felt like a long day! I enjoyed the kids but I will need to refine my routine and organisation.

I ate 1344 calories and according to my fitbit I could eat about 600 more and still loose 11/2 pounds(whateverSarcastic smile). I am not after losing that much a week but I set it that way because it didn’t give my result otherwise. I don’t always follow fitbit’s advice anyway loll It’s just  an estimate for me.

Talking about fitbit, remember when I took it swimming? Well this time I washed it still attached to my top! When I have found it it had been through the dryer as well! The best part of this story is that it still works great! My theory is that the dryer saved it by removing all trace of moisture inside it because last time after the pool it was working until I pressed the button a few times. I wish I would have know that then because I would have saved 100$. It’s a little miracle because right now a new one wouldn’t fit the budget.

Good night everyone!


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8 thoughts on “I did alright!

  1. You DID do alright today! 🙂 And once you get your day care up and running, you’ll be able to get yourself in a workout/eating routine. Hope your interview goes well!
    So happy your fitbit is still working! That was a close call….

    • Yes I surprised myself! Yes at the moment I don’t see myself getting up earlier and the days are getting shorter already so I guess once everything is settled I will look towards the wii fitness games to get me in shape. I still have my weight lift and strenght exercise sheet when the time comes. Thanks for the support as always and I will keep you informed 🙂

  2. It’s such a great idea to count your steps! Over 10,000 is incredible!

  3. Good luck with the daycare business, I hope it skyrockets off!

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