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Dream meanings…

Just a quick post to say that I logged my food for the whole day yesterday and was on goal even with all the muffin I ate because I was really active throughout the day.


Today I am very tired because even if I went to bed early (even turned my laptop off) I couldn’t sleep at all for most of the night and when I finally felt asleep early morning I just had that weird dream. In my dream I was interviewing potential client for my home daycare and ne person told me that it looked really old in my house and then I turned t have a look and the walls were all dirty and the paint  n it was peeling off and it was like an old dirt basement all dark as well…

I know it only means that I am stressing a little about my new venture but I didn’t need the dream to tell me that. Somehow as I grow older I don’t seem to be able to manage the stress as easily as I used to. I will get over it and have another try at a good night of sleep tonight loll

I have to go now s I can log foodShifty


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4 thoughts on “Dream meanings…

  1. I always had dreams like that before starting a new job. When I started my teaching job years ago, I dreamed I had no control over the class. Scary!
    Congrats on logging your food again today! You know I’m a big advocate of that! 😉
    Hope you’re able to sleep better tonight!

  2. Great job logging your food again! 🙂 Keep up! We both for some reason had this weird patch but … let’s keep going! 🙂 I am sorry you are going through stress and then bad dreams… I’ll pray for you!

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