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I still love Exerbeat

I finally made myself do a little work out this morning. I just did my old 25 min. Exerbeat routine and I did good to my surprise. Somehow I might not be in such hopeless physical state. It made me sweat but it might be because it is so hot in here and I also felt some kind of burn in my shoulder muscles. What? I still have some kind of muscles in there loll. I always knew that the worst part of exercising was “to start it” but I proved it to myself again this morning because once I was in it it was a lot of fun!


I also logged what I ate so far and already have a few floor climbed on my fitbit. I haven’t been posting lately but I am busy with the day care. It’s more difficult that I though to get full time clients but at least I have a sweet little boy(20 months) signed for September. He is so cute with his blond curly hair! His Mom seems like a nice easy-going person which is good too. I had a few potential clients going home with the contract to read it over and think about it but that’s it for now.

Here are some photos of my basement where my home daycare is. II now have a mini-oven on top of the micro-wave so we can bake muffins,banana bread etc.












The other day I booked 2 nights in an hotel near Jasper National park(Rockies) so we could have some kind of vacation before school starts. Because we moved we didn’t go anywhere this summer. It’s not like we did not have a vacation because we spent 3 weeks in Australia but I really feel like getting out of here before winter hit us again!


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10 thoughts on “I still love Exerbeat

  1. You did an awesome job on your basement! I’m sure it won’t take long for you to fill the spots. Until then, it’s great that you’re going to enjoy some time away!
    I’m happy you started up with Exerbeat again, and that you still enjoy it! It’ll make it that much easier to build it into a routine.
    Good to hear from you again! Be sure to include pics of your trip when you go! You know how I feel about the Rockies! 😉

  2. Wow, it looks really nice. How many children will you be able to take care of?

  3. Oh and great that you started Exerbeat again, I might od some as well, if it’s not too hot. unfortunately my wii board is no longer working, because I really would like to do the Merenge stuff. 😉

    • I will try to re-instore the habit with my good old routine and then try to step out of my comfort zone a little and try the ther stuff on there 🙂 I would not do much either if it was over 30 celcius! Maybe you will find a board on sales at some stage. I had mind for more than 4 years I think s I have been lucky I guess 🙂

  4. WOW! That looks really great !!! Excellent job! I love how your daycare looks! Very clean and spacious! With the right amount of toys and decorations! 🙂 Good job! 🙂 …. I am so happy you worked out! the hardest thing is to take that first step! 🙂

  5. Hi there Julie! I just nominated you for inspiring blog award. Here is a link to instructions on what to do next.

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