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Kick in the butt award!

My nice friend Janet nominated me for the inspiration award! Thank you so much Janet! The thing is, lately I haven’t been on track and didn’t exercise much so I really don’t feel like I am inspiring anybody so I was very surprised. Maybe this award just gave me a reason to kick my own butt and put myself on track because this morning I did some Exerbeat.

I wanted to do my good old short routine but my daughter said ”not the same one again!” so I took a different and longer(30 something minutes) one instead and did it all. I was not following her feet moves most of the time and she would say “ are we a little too fast for you?” but marched on place instead and manage the arm work not too bad.

Ok now it’s time for the award game!

Rules for the Award…

1. Thank the person who nominated you and write a post about it.
2. Share 7 things about your Self.
3. Pass the award on to 7 to 9 blogs you enjoy, link to their blogs, and let them know you nominated them.

7 things about myself…

1. Favourite Color?

Like I wrote on the other award question, I often go for the warm colors but I really cannot make my mind as I just love colors in general!

2. Favourite Drink?

I really love water and when I am thirsty it’s what I want but I love lattes too and especially those iced ones. I am really fussy with them too, I hate when they put whipped cream in it(not even real cream) so I just want it plain with no syrup in it and a ball of ice cream!

3. Passion?

… … I am not sure about this one, if I don’t have a strong passion does it mean I am not normal? I guess I do love art, craft, travel, cooking, backing, making my own everything from scratch and gardening. It doesn’t mean I am good at it, it only mean that I really like trying to be good at it.

4. Facebook or Twitter?

I use Facebook a little because I am far from home I can have news that way since nobody write e-mails anymore but twitter, not at all. I would still be very fine if those  would not exist as I find really creepy the fact that everybody I know have their detailed life displayed on the internet. Worst than that, they are displaying their children’s life on it with videos and photos so when they are adults, everybody will be able to see everything they did since they were baby including those parties that you want to forget once you have reached 25 years old. I don’t have any photos on Facebook and never will. It must be so easy for perverts and pedophile these days! Sorry for those who loves Facebook but I just felt like expressing my opinion.

5. Favourite number?

I don’t have a favourite number so I will just say 2000 when I realised a dream of go off travelling for more than a year and met my hubby in Australia!

6. Favourite Movies?

I will just name a few that I like and that I can think of at this moment

Mama Mia( I love ABBA’s music), The 50 first date(Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore), The air bender(I haven’t seen the cartoon), The castle (old really funny Australian movie), Rabbit proof fence(Oz aboriginal sad true story), The yes man(Jim Carey) and probably more but I cannot think of more right now.

7. Favourite flower?Tiaré

Tiaré because it’s such a beautiful flower and the smell of it remind me of my worry free travelling days in Tahiti

Blogs I recommend for Inspiring Blog Award are

Thank you again Janet for this award, it feels good and sure will help me kick my own butt to start exercise again!Smile


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10 thoughts on “Kick in the butt award!

  1. I just paste your post and changed it to make it easier so thanks you for this as well Janet loll

  2. So it’s been a while since you’ve posted this. Has your kick in the butt worked?? 🙂
    Hope all is going well with you! Any more kids in the day care?

  3. If you are talking about the post, I posted this yesterday?? I just have one signed up yet but yes everything is fine 🙂

    • Was it really only yesterday? How come I felt like it was ages ago? I really jumped on your case to get going didn’t I? 🙂
      Glad to hear everything is fine! I’ll try to stay on top of things better. lol

      • loll, I realised after I answered you that you were thinking of the other award that was a while ago 🙂 After all the answers are almost the same…I know that you are very busy and you always comment anyway so I am just happy that you are there 🙂

      • Well I am happy you’re bloggin’ again. Hope that means things are settling down for you again. With a couple of little kids in the house, I’m sure you’ll have stories to tell! 🙂

      • lol probably!:-)

  4. thank you, thank you! First of all I want to thank God and my family …. LOL! I was about to start my speech! You are sooo awesome HealthyLife! And very inspirational as well! 😉 I am honored to have you as a friend!

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