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Fitbit calorie tracking

I had a good day today and did alright with my food choice. I could have done better but at least I didn’t go for crème brulé or chocolate covered strawberries.

I did some errands and stopped at the “second hand shop” too. It’s like a garage sale store and I bought toys there before but today I looked at the children’s clothes and was very surprised. You really have to look because everything is packed up together but I found about 18 really nice top for my daughter and for me who is not crazy about pink and purple there was different tops with different colors for once! Don’t get me wrong, pink and purple does look good on a little girl but at Wal-mart it’s the only color you can get and I was so happy! I got her some green, yellow, red, orange YAY! All that with a world map puzzle book, a Halloween witch costume and a full bag of play-do toys for 30$.

So we did a fashion parade this afternoon with dance and music so I could get her to try it all for me loll. It turns out that there was about 2-3 tops that won’t fit for long and 1 that is too tight but I am still very happy with my shopping trip!

Thanks to Sandi (couldn’t figure that out on my own) I now can show you my Fitbit stuff. If it’s too much details for you don’t hesitate to scroll down please Winking smile


The goal always changes depending how active the person is on that day.







The goal zone is where you want to be if you want to maintain your weight so the idea is to keep it in the blue zone Smile


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5 thoughts on “Fitbit calorie tracking

  1. Nice, oh, and once I start using it, I already dread all the changes I will have to make since I am not using oz. and alike. I like your choices, well done!! Waffles for only 110 calories per serving, great!! I should have chosen those when I had waffles. 😉

    • Thanks! One serving is only one waffle though. I made them for daughter, it’s so easy and you can freeze them after.:-)

    • Thanks! One serving is only one waffle though. I made them for daughter, it’s so easy and you can freeze them after.:-) You know on Fitbit there is grams, cups, and when it comes to fruit and other there is also 1 medium or 1/2 large etc.So you don’t have get use to oz or pounds. I find it easier than myfitness pal (exept that I still do my recipe on myfitnesspal). You can enter your own food as well.

  2. Don’t you love a good bargain! Great idea to put on a fashion show! I wonder if that would have worked for my boys. I couldn’t get them to try on ANYTHING! Heck, it was work just to get them to change clothes everyday. lol
    Hooray for staying in the blue! Good to see you tracking again!

    • I was just like your boys and giving my mother heaps of trouble when she came with new clothes, I feel very lucky that my daughter likes to try clothes(no so lucky when she decide to change 3 times a day lol) I am eating too many calories still but I am logging it so I will try to adjust slowly.

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