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School visit

For the first part of the day I did alright with my food choices but the second part not so good.

It was my daughters school’s meeting today. We all went together to visit her school, meet the teacher and spend some time in her class playing. She is going to pre-school, 4 mornings a week.

She was nervous and scared when we entered the school and so was I.  She is going to be fine but it’s something important in her life and she has never spent a day without me or hubby. I want it to be a smooth ride for her and today she was a little shy but not as bad as some other kids.

All the kids were kind of the same, getting busy trying the new toys instead of trying to play with each other loll. So they had a BBQ going on there as well and I had a cheese burger. (one of those process patties that you cannot be sure if there is any meat in it) After that it was time to go home and my little girl did not want to go so it made me happy that she would now look forward to it now instead of being worried and scared.

Daughter wanted to celebrate at the restaurant with a dessert but I convinced her that we could make brownies at home. We stopped to the grocery store and bought strawberries, raspberries and a small tub of vanilla ice-cream. We made a “brownie in a mug” divided in 2 mugs and had a small scoop of ice cream with heaps of strawberries on top(daughter already ate the raspberries in the car). It was soooo delicious! Not a very good food choice for a diet but it would have been worst at a restaurant. At least I had control over the portion and quality. Brownies in a mug is very inconvenient because it only takes 1 minute to cook in the microwave so you can have it whenever you want but on the other side you are not stock with a full tray that will sit there tempting you.

Today I manage to Exerbeat myself for about 40 minutes. I tried 3 new exercises that was in the big routine that I did the other day and I have seriously improved with the V and A steps. I also did a bit of Latin dance with the balance board because it’s always good abs and back work.

Here is my Fitbit food day








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9 thoughts on “School visit

  1. I checked what Fitbit offers yesterday but to be honest, I don’t really understand their calories yet, like how many would I be allowed according to their standards. This just confuses me at the moment. Also it is so much more complicated to enter stuff you had. Maybe I am just too used to Loseit! and it being so easy to enter what you had that day. I might have to look into it a little more. My younger sisters first born also started school this week. Don’t they grow so fast?

    • They grow too fast! Actually for the fitbit food tracker I found it to be a little confusing at first too and I kept logging food in myfitnesspal and then transfer the total to fitbit. I got used to it after a while and I didn’t want to have to log into 2 sites so I stock with fitbit. It’s easier because they always have all the different measurements to chose from.
      For their calorie setting, at first you enter you weight and height like every where else and get a basic calorie goal. After it depends on how much you want to lose everyweek and can chose a plan. Then your calorie goal will change a little according to how active you are during the day. After a while, fitbit will be able to give you a aproximative goal by doing an average of the calories you normally burn every day. If you go on a long hike then after you will see that you goal is much higher than normally because you burned all those calories and you don’t have to enter all the exercise you do but you can if you want. I don’t know if I am making any sense here? 🙂

    • Just an update for your concerns about having to let go lose it if you get a fitbit. You wouldn’t because I just saw that fitbit has an App. that joins lose it with the fitbit food tracker. I don’t really know how it works but I know they do it. 🙂

  2. I can’t believe she’s starting school! How grown up! It’s nice that she had fun there, isn’t it? Nothing’s worse than dropping a crying kid off at a place you KNOW they should be. That sadness is stuck with you for the day. 😦 My kids were always happy to go, for the most part, but I had a few day care tragedies in my day. (Which is why I stayed home for so many years)
    Anyway… good choice with the brownies! Better than a restaurant and no leftovers to tempt you. Seems like it didn’t hurt you too much – only 100 calories over? Not bad at all!
    Have a great weekend!

    • Thanks Shadow! It’s a long weekend here in Canada and we’re off to the rockies tonight YAY (I am bringing the camera and we’ll try to post a few photos but it’s kinda cloudy so might not be good for pics) 🙂

      • Oh that’s right! Sure hope you have a good time! Our kids have a long weekend as well, but I’m working. We’re getting the remnants of Hurricane Isaac though, so too much rain to do anything anyway. Hope it doesn’t make it’s way that far North!

      • We will try to make the most of it even if it’s raining, it will be good to be out of here. I don’t know how far an hurricane can go…probably not to here anyway 🙂

  3. I say if you’re gonna have a hamburger, make it a really good, homemade burger. f you’re gonna have dessert to celebrate or just have, eat a really good-tasting dessert. Make it count so you’re not regretting on some half-processed crap that has excessive calories and no real joy! BOOM!

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