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The ostrich syndrome

This morning I stepped on the balance board out of curiosity and apparently I have lost 0.9 kilos in a day. I think letting go my daily weigh-in was alright for a while but it turned out that I didn’t miss the weigh-ins and didn’t care to know. I ended up letting go the calorie counting habit and I have put my head in he sand to make sure I wasn’t aware that I was off my journey and losing track of my goals.

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Back from Jasper with an unwanted souvenir

We had a great time in Jasper even if it was cloudy. There was little bits of sun every now and then but never when I had the camera turned on of course.

First we went to the hot springs where you sit in the hot pool outside with view on the mountains. It was so relaxing just sitting there with the view and the cold wind cooled us just enough to be able to stay in the hot water for longer.

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