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Back from Jasper with an unwanted souvenir

We had a great time in Jasper even if it was cloudy. There was little bits of sun every now and then but never when I had the camera turned on of course.

First we went to the hot springs where you sit in the hot pool outside with view on the mountains. It was so relaxing just sitting there with the view and the cold wind cooled us just enough to be able to stay in the hot water for longer.

Here is some photos I took on the road. It’s not too bad considering the clouds and the windshield loll. The drive Hinton-Jasper-Hinton is always spectacular no matter how often I have seen it. It’s always like the first time because every time I go the light on the mountains is different and it changes the view a little. It makes you feel very small when you are surrounded with those huge beauties!



We walked a lot in the town of Jasper looking in all the stores and at the end of the day we had dinner at our favourite sushi place!YUM I was so full after that we had to do another walk around town and I ended up eating one of those giant chocolate-pecans-caramel cluster. It was so delicious but not a very good choice. Actually I didn’t make good choice all weekend and it showed on the scale this morning like a little souvenir from our trip. I am 2 kilo more than I was 2 weeks ago! I had a bit of a shock when I saw that this morning but it kept me good all day so maybe I needed to see it.

So the second day we were there since the weather was even worst we just did a little more shopping and once more it made me hate my town because the stores everywhere else have so much choice compare to here. Some town are way smaller than ours and still have heaps more stuff. It’s like if they drop the left overs here and it’s making me angry because they say “buy local”. We also had another walk in a trail that had a “look out” on the Rockies when the weather cleared. Like every time I didn’t want to come back but was happy to be here today and clean my house. Now I am even happier that it’s all done.







for what I can see now , I don’t have much fruit and veggies today apart from lunch and there is hubby that came home tonight with presents and treat that his Greek co-worker brought us back from Greece. I had half a Turkish delight square and 2 of those yummy candy with a nut paste middle(don’t have a clue how much calories it is so I estimated at 100 cal.

I am always hungry at night and if I don,t eat , i cannot sleep. If I would go to bed earlier it would probably fix part of my problem.


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6 thoughts on “Back from Jasper with an unwanted souvenir

  1. You wouldn’t think big piles of rocks would be so beautiful, but my gosh, they are BEAUTIFUL! When we were in Colorado, I couldn’t take my eyes off them. Especially in the morning with the new sun shining on them.
    So you brought home a couple of extra kilos, huh? 🙂 Sounds like your treats were worth it though. If you’re going to splurge, just make sure the treat is splurge-worthy. 2 kilos shouldn’t be too hard to work off. Couple of extra trips up and down the stairs. 🙂
    I lived in Greece, but don’t remember ever having a Turkish delight square. Greek food is still one of my favorites. I’ll have to try them sometime.

    • It’s kind of a jujube texture with rose water and nuts and sometimes dates in it. Very middle eastern like flavours. It’s what is so amazing about the Rockies, all the angles they have and it can look different depending on how the sun shines on it. It,s always very impressive I think. 🙂

  2. Wow, how beautiful is that. I so wish I could have been there. Now that’s what sad about living in North Rhine-Westphalia, we don’t have things like this here.

    • It’s 3 hours from where I live so unfortunatly I don’t see it that often either.I mainly only see pine trees around here. By the photos of your walking trail it seemed to be very nice around your place. I had a pre-conception about Germany being full of mountains but I guess it’s only the part where the Alpes are.
      I now know where the Volks van got its name from loll

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