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The ostrich syndrome

This morning I stepped on the balance board out of curiosity and apparently I have lost 0.9 kilos in a day. I think letting go my daily weigh-in was alright for a while but it turned out that I didn’t miss the weigh-ins and didn’t care to know. I ended up letting go the calorie counting habit and I have put my head in he sand to make sure I wasn’t aware that I was off my journey and losing track of my goals.

It’s cannot put it all on the fact that I didn’t weight in everyday because I have moved and I am starting a daycare so there was a lot of stress happening as well.

So I might re-start my daily meeting with my balance board just so I care more about my weight loss plan. We will see what happens because if you have been reading this blog you must know that I change my mind often loll

Have a good day!


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6 thoughts on “The ostrich syndrome

  1. I’m sensing that you’re ready to get back to normal. The move is over, the daycare is set, the vacation is done…. Hopefully you can get back to focusing on you and your health.
    And if you change your mind, you’re allowed! It’s a woman’s prerogative – I know that for a fact! 😉

    • Thanks for letting me know that I am normal and not bipolar because I keep changing my mind about everything loll Hopefully I can be on my way down to my weight goal and improve my fitness as well soon!

  2. I am right there with you. I too have been putting my head in the sand, maybe we can get back on track together

  3. Time for all of us to get our head out of the sand… I think for me it had to do with many different things too and weighing was the last thing I wanted to do… but… we have to go back to doing whatever we were doing before summer/tests/moving/daycare whatever it was! 🙂 I am so proud of you for being so open and honest… We can do this!

    • Thanks Thinlady! The hardest is not too keep on track but to keep on track despite whatever happens in our life but sometimes other worrying issus take more place and it’s normal too! I think I will have to go back to my basics like daily weigh-ins, food logging and blogging of course!

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