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My first “official” work day tomorrow


I was over my goal yesterday but the Fitbit keeps changing my estimated goal so it was higher at some stage during the day and it decreased later in the evening probably because I was less active so I ended up going over. I am not saying it,s all Fitbit’s fault here, I know it’s my fault but I should adjust the settings anyway. So Monday I was 77 kg yesterday 76.1kg and today 75.9kg I don’t think I have lost all that weight in a few days but it looks like weird fluctuations maybe from water retention, who knows!

I had an interview with another Mom and little boy for my daycare this morning. She seems to be such a nice person which is important to me because I want to be able to communicate easily with the parents of the child that I care for. She is a child psychologist and serves a few schools in town including the one my daughter will go to. The little boys is 20 months old just like the other little boys who starts in my daycare tomorrow so it would be great for him to have a friend of his age and grow up together! She is supposed to call me next week for some more visiting time with her son so the transition goes smoothly for him. So his is not officially my client yet but it was a very positive interview.

So as i said tomorrow is my official first day of daycare and he gets here at 7h45 so I will have to get up at 6ham at least to get ready and have some time to drink my coffee. If I wanted to work out before he gets here I would have to get up at 5h30am or earlier. The though of it makes me tired! I know some of you gets up even earlier than that so I won’t complain too much but I know it,s just a matter of getting used to it.

I have decided to bring my daughter to Tae Kwon Do classes because she needs the exercise and self-defence skills are always good to have in life plus it would probably be good for self-confidence. She is quite confident but I was not, so more is better than less.


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2 thoughts on “My first “official” work day tomorrow

  1. Tae Kwon Do will be great for your daughter! Maybe she can teach you some moves! My daughter is full of confidence, which is a great relief to me. Like you, I was shy and self-conscious as a kid, so to see her so confident is wonderful.
    Congrats on possibly getting another day care member! As one of the people who get up very early for work, waking at 5:30am to workout would be heavenly for me! If it helps, I wasn’t always like that. I tried it a few times when I first started exercising, and found that I like that time of the day so much! A workout and a cup of coffee all before the kids wake up! AWESOME! 🙂

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