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I did it!

It won’t seem very heroic for some but for myself it’s a big deal. So after my “not very good” night of sleep I managed to get up at 5h30. I made my coffee in order to wake up properly, stepped on board to weigh myself and then…..did a work-out! Yes you heard, I did a work out at 5h30 in the morning.


It was my little 20 minutes routine that really takes about 30 minutes with all the unnecessary stuff that Exerbeat brings up but I am still very proud of myself. I have been contemplating the idea of working-out early for ages and really it was not that bad. I really love the quiet-all-to-myself-peace of the morning.

Now I just have to keep it up, make it an habit and later add some extra too it as well. It will be a lot of adjusting for everybody because of daughter starts school, the Tae Kwon Do and me starting the daycare. I will have to organise things better in order to be able to be ready for everything and be in bed early. I am quite glad that my work week only has 2 days this week so I can do some adjustment through the week end.

Have a good day everyone! Smile


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6 thoughts on “I did it!

  1. Good for you! I always try to wake up early and exercise, but I always seem to just hit snooze.

  2. When I saw your title, I knew exactly what you had done! That’s AWESOME! It’s a great feeling to have the house “to yourself”, and then to have some quiet coffee, and then to be able to say that you’ve had your exercise for the day ALREADY!
    To me, there is nothing better. 🙂

  3. Welcome to the pre-dawn club, it is a fantastic time of day, 5am in Sydney right now, and I’m between weight lifting sets….!!! So are you staying a member?

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