Towards Healthy Life

One little thing at the time

Day #2



This was yesterday and despite the high calorie muffins(I ate them before counting what they were worth) I was still under goal. The graphic on top show my activities level throughout the day stating with the work out(red and yellow) and the other yellow is when we went for a walk.

It seems like I still managed to get up early and do my work out so it’s all good. Even if it’s a 20 minutes routine , it still makes my arms and should hurt and gets me out of breath so it must count for something. I had trouble to sleep those past few days because my alarm clock is electric and there is a few seconds power shortage here all the time so I was scared that I wouldn’t get up on time. I will get a batteries alarm this week-end because i need my sleep or I will turn into a zombie mom.

My weight is on it’s way down slowly and hopefully I will see a loss from last week next Monday.

Have a good day everyone!


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6 thoughts on “Day #2

  1. It only takes a few times of this to make it habit! You’re on your way!
    I know what you mean about the alarm. If I’m worried I won’t hear it or wake to it, I don’t get any sleep. Battery powered is a good idea.
    Can’t wait to hear about your results on Monday! Good luck!

  2. I already love it!(Only when I am up) I almost feel like getting up even earlier just for the extra “alone” time loll I got up to 13000 steps yesterday , it’s way more than I usually do so I am very pleased with myself at the moment 🙂

    • You should be proud! The alone time was my complete motivation for getting out of bed early. I’m so excited for you! You’re new job is keeping you on your feet, huh? 13000 steps? That’s great!

      • Thanks! They are now sleeping so I can drink my second coffee and enjoy some more quiet time and maybe a few yoga pose(helps my back). Well I was kinda surprised with those steps because I was sitting on the ground a lot playing(I don’t work I play all day)and I guess I didn’t realised that I walking through it. I

  3. Good for you! You are doing awesome!!! We’ll start seeing those numbers go down quickly again!

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