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Break time


Yesterday all went well until I started to get sick at around 4hpm so went I finished work and when I came back upstairs, all my will was gone . I didn’t want to cook so me and daughter had a cup of noodle soup for dinner with frozen peas on the side. Apart from the peas it was a big cup of empty 300 calories.

I think the little boy(with a runny nose) who visited us this week left us a little present and after a few days of incubation and a few night with about 5 hours of sleep had it’s toll on me. My daughter has it as well so I didn’t get the sleep that I so needed last night either.

This morning despite the intention I had yesterday, I didn’t get up early to work-out. I know I won’t tomorrow either. I will start bran new again once we are out of this virus thing. I knew we were going to catch something eventually when daughter would starts school because our immune system hasn’t been in contact with anything for at least a year but this is a little too early.

I still found the strength to make a huge pot of soup for our survival. I put some chicken breast and potatoes in it but also plenty of carrots, onions, celery, garlic and zucchini. Now we can have a complete nutritious meal in a bowl whenever we feel like it and I can sit in front of the TV or laptop for the rest of the day!

This was my complaining post for the week and since it is the last day of the week, I am allowed to do another one tomorrow loll


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4 thoughts on “Break time

  1. You could be like me and allow yourself to complain every day!
    Being a teacher, and having kids in school for so many years really built up my immune system. I can’t remember the last time I was sick. I rarely even get the sniffles. Occasionally I will get a sinus headache, but it’ll only last a day or so. I’m quite lucky in that regard. (Knock on wood)
    Hope the chicken soup makes you feel better soon!

    • We will work on our immune system throught the year I guess and probably be stronger for the flu season in a year or so. I don’t know if chiken soup really helps or have a placebo effect but it taste good! 🙂

  2. I am sorry you’ve been sick 😦 That’s not fun! But good for you making that great soup! it’s exactly what you need to feel better! One of these days I’ll give you our Mexican Chicken soup! It’s sooo good! whole thighs and drumsticks cooked with cabbage, potatoes, carrots, corn, zucchini, onions, garlic and “chayote” (I’ll check the translation… but it’s optional to use it) … plus some fresh cilantro when it’s almost ready and some drops of fresh squeezed lime juice when serving! oooh so good! … also, something great to make you feel better is cinnamon tea with some honey as sweetener and lime juice too… it’s sooo great too! We have it as a staple during winter here at home… cinnamon helps clear the passages too…

    Sorry this comment is late… hopefully you won’t need those recipes soon! Big Hugs!

    • Some nice words are never too late! That Mexican soup sounds lovely! Cinnamon drink is such a great idea(I love cinnamon) I wouldn’t have think of lime juice in it but I will try it because I cannot stand those ginger powder-honey drink anymore even if they are good for you. I feel much better now but not 100%. Thanks for your comment:-)

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