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I have done my work out today as well. I tried to get out of it of course, thinking I should just keep sleeping a little more. It looks interesting when your half asleep but once awake it looks totally ridiculous to trade a work-out for only 30 minutes of sleep. My back hurts for some reason but hopefully I will get over it and the muscles will take over the pain and stiffness eventually.


I was over my goal yesterday, I can blame my husband’s yummy roast dinner. I didn’t even count all the Neocitran drink (cold and flu medicine) and the honey that went in it so it should be even worst than it is. At least I had a good night of sleep.

My daughter was really nervous for school yesterday but she did good and was happy to go again today! It’s feels so weird  not knowing what she is doing at every moments. It always felt like she was a part of me and me a part of her but now it feels like she becomes her own person. I feel a little bitty bit sad to see that period of our life end but I am so proud of her! Who knows I might just find “my old self” back again Smile

Have a good day everyone


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2 thoughts on “Separation

  1. Definitely bittersweet watching your kids grow. You feel proud and happy that they’re growing up and doing so well, but then you’re sad and disappointed that they don’t “need” you as much and they are away from you.
    And then when they are away from you, you feel guilty, because you’re thinking… ‘this is kinda nice…’ 😉
    And good for you for forcing yourself out of bed! WAY TO GO!

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