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Sleeping in or not?


I have reached my calorie goal yesterday but I wish I would have been under it. It’s alright I guess because I have been walking while pushing the stroller everyday this week so it must count for something as well. I will just keep trying. I have done my morning work-out today and I am having breakfast now. My biggest challenge is going to make it through the week-end without wrecking all my efforts and losing my new “lifestyle”. I think I should be allowed to sleep in at least 1 morning and maybe skip 1 work-out but I don’t know…What do you think?

I still only have 1 child in my daycare but he is adorable so I feel very lucky. He listen to me even if he is only 20 months old, always has a nap after lunch and doesn’t do things like climbing on the table so I am very happy to look after him.


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