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Yesterday my day started in a good way. I have done the work out like usual and went for a walk with the little one and decided to go a further this time. It’s been really nice weather lately, it’s cold in the morning( around 3 Celsius/ 37 Fahrenheit) just perfect to be comfortably walking at a good pace and in the afternoon summer is back.


When my daughter came back from school at lunch time yesterday, we ate and the kids had a nap. While they were sleeping I opened daughter’s backpack to clean her lunch bag and look in the “message pocket” where the teacher put craft and other info for parents. Surprise! There was a sheet that says: there has been a case of head lice in your child’s class and the child who was affected has been treated…

…I am freaking out! It’s only been a week for god’s sake! Then I am thinking that if the child has already been treated, how long ago did they knew about it? Did they wait the end of the week to tell? I think I would have like to know the same day so I could have make sure my daughter’s hair were properly tied up!

I know it happens and you cannot control everything but the earlier you know the more you can prevent it from spreading. I was just picturing my family having bugs and myself having to completely clean the house, linens, clothes etc.

After supper we went to Tae kwon Do class and of course I went to the wrong school. Apparently they alternate school every other class just for fun! After the class we headed to the chemist to buy a lice comb and some kind of treatment to be ready for invasion. The pharmacist offered to show me how to check my child’s hair and basically did the check herself and told me that with her dark hair, it would be very easy to see but she doesn’t seem to have any! YAY! After she tells me that all the comb,shampoo are sold out but that I probably wouldn’t be able to get that kind of comb through my daughter’s thick hair! O.K… Sold out on lice stuff in our little town doesn’t sounds very promising… Maybe the parents always stock up on this stuff when school starts or maybe there is a lots of lice at the moment…

Today I am calmed down a little but now I have a mixture of olive oil with all sort of essential oils in it for an emergency home remedy. I also put tea tree oil in the shampoo for prevention. The internet is probably the best place to look for someone to be disgusted by lice but I had to take information somewhere since I have never encountered one in my whole life. I could hope it stays that way but in our days it seems to be easier to spread so it will probably happen. I am itchy just writing about it loll

Have you or your family had head lice before? If yes how did you get rid of it?


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4 thoughts on “Yuck!

  1. mrsalexzan on said:

    I had lice as little girl all the time! Seemed like I had treatments every night almost for a few weeks. Eventually kid had to keep all there belongings like coats and stuff in trash bags. And I had to cut m hair short. I don’t know if they were my fault or not but my mom went through all the procedures of washing pillows, sheets, blankets, stuffed toys…everything!

  2. We had quite a few cases while I was teaching school, and each time I would stress about having to clean all our items if they ever came home with us. Luckily that was never the case, but I can totally feel your concern! And this comes just after getting over an illness brought home from school! The fun is just beginning! 😉

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