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I am re-thinking the 1 day without a work out thing. It’s 5hpm and I only have 3829 steps on my Fitbit. The rest of the week was more like 11000,12000 or 15000 steps. The problem is that if I don’t move my calorie allowance is shrinking.

Here is the picture


During the week I had a goal of over 2000 calories. I guess I will have to choose restriction or double work-out. Maybe I should just sleep in but do a bigger work out than what I do weekly.

I was so tired this morning than I couldn’t be bother to do anything at all! All I did was tidy up the house and I didn’t even vacuum, husband didSmile

I feel more rested now but still don’t have much energy. I have too much sleep to catch on I guess so I will be in bed early tonight just like yesterday. Eventually we will adjust and find our perfect routine with school, Tae Kwon Do, daycare etc.

I have to find the perfect amount of nap for my daughter who needs to rest in the afternoon but not so much because she keeps me up at night! I will let her do a longer nap on Tae Kwon Do day I think but shorter on normal day because she cannot fall asleep at night and I get so tired! Since I now get up at 5h30 am I need to be in bed by 9h00pm. It’s easier said than done because there is always something in between me and my favourite place(My bed is my favourite place to be when my alarm clock goes off).


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3 thoughts on “Re-thinking

  1. I still think you’re allowed a day of rest. If you take in the same number of calories as usual, you’re not going to gain. And you sure don’t want yourself thinking you HAVE to starve yourself if you don’t exercise. PLUS burning yourself out can lead to just quitting altogether. Your fitbit isn’t recognizing that your body is burning calories by “healing” the muscles you’ve used during your earlier workout. My advice: rest easy – physically and mentally. You’ll be more willing to get up early the next day if you do.

  2. FatGirlUSA on said:

    Tae Kwon Do… I’m impressed! How many calories do you think you burn during a Tae Kwon Do session? Bridgette

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