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This weekend I didn’t work-out or been too worried about what I ate. I didn’t over eat or go for a piece of brownie either. I was over goal for both days but yesterday, not too bad. I needed to rest so I did and this morning I feel better despite my sleep that was not so great.

here are my food intake for the weekend. I don’t know why but for both days my intake was exactly the same…Weird.


Saturdays stats


Sunday’s stats


So now it’s Monday and my weight is up a little from the weekend but I am down 2 pounds from last Monday so I don’t care! I am very happy because last week was very difficult for me, I had a cold over last week-end as well as a visit from TOM over the week. Now it’s all over and hopefully I will be on my way down for the rest of the month.

Have a good Monday and a good week everyone!


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4 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. Woohoo! Down two pounds! Congrats!
    This week will hopefully be a little easier on you – no cold, no TOM and hopefully no lice. :/
    I’m hoping for a good one as well. I leave Thursday!! 🙂

  2. FatGirlUSA on said:

    Yes… On weekends we need to relax, not stress but still don’t overeat. You did great. Bridgette

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