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Into darkness

Well I was all ready to do my work out, my coffee was done, my weigh in was done when all the sudden the power went out….Ok then I will have breakfast now and see if it comes back later.

So I am sitting at the table with my coffee and an emergency lamp right now. Thanks’ God I made my coffee before it happens! It’s pitch black in here, it would be so easy to go back to bed. Not a good idea! I never lived in a town that has so much power outage before, so much that I cannot trust my electric alarm clock that I had for years. Daughter just woke up and was scared so I gave daughter the mini-lantern, lit a candle and winded the emergency radio to learn that they are on their way to fix the problem but don’t know the cause of the power outage yet.

I have lost a pound over night which is good Smile. It’s probably due to the fact that TOM has left the building. I cannot believe that I am loosing weight while eating so many calories! I know I move more than I used to but still, I thinks it’s great. I used to be on a 1400 calories goal and now it’s about 2000 sometimes. Not long ago I changed my Fitbit plan for losing less per week. I was on “lose 1 1/2 per week and now just 1 per week. It gives me more room for food that I like and I don’t feel so deprived and from what i noticed I seem to lose just as much weight. I never lost 1 1/2 pounds per week even when I was on that plan so why bother to restrict myself.

Power came back on, I did my usual work-out a bit late with a full belly. Now I can tell that it’s easier to exercise before breakfast than after. The important is that i have done it.

Have a good Tuesday everybody!


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2 thoughts on “Into darkness

  1. I am SO proud! You didn’t even allow a full belly to keep you from your workout!
    Sometimes too few calories makes your body want to hold onto the weight, so perhaps eating more one day and less the next is working for you!
    Keep it up Girl! You’re rockin’!

    • Yeah I guess I have been doing a little zig-zagging without really noticing it, well I will take full advantage of this new lifestyle before the snow hit because I won’t be able to stroller walk when it comes 🙂

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