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Sensor problems

Another great peaceful morning for me before the sun gets up! I did my work out like planned but decided to add a little extra today. I clip those sensor at the end of the Wii remote to add a little weight to them. I have been having trouble with the sensor because some of my move don’t record on one hand sometimes but apart from adding weight to my arms, the extra-sensor did not help about this problem at all. I guess as long as I know I have done the move I shouldn’t worry about it being recorded by the Wii but it’s annoying me and I am thinking of new remotes…maybe for Christmas? Can you hear me Santa?


Yesterday my went fine until the migraine came knocking  at my door. I took pills, drank black tea and had something to eat(which really helped). I didn’t feel hungry at the time but it turned out that I needed to eat. I tried to go to bed early but couldn’t sleep so I got hungry again. Don’t worry everything was kept under goal.


Then here is my intake versus calories burned for last week


It’s interesting to see things on a weekly basis isn’t it?


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2 thoughts on “Sensor problems

  1. Isn’t it funny that we want the WII (or the treadmill, or the elliptical) to recognize our extra efforts? Why isn’t it enough that WE know? 🙂
    You had a great week! You seem to have done a great job getting back on track!

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