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Proud Mama!

I didn’t have time to post this morning like I normally do because I chose to clean the kitchen instead…not as much fun but it does looks better!

Here is my calories from yesterday…



I have been very active yesterday as well so my goal was just very high which makes it easier on me. I have another “client” who starts on Tuesday so I won’t be able to go for a big morning walk anymore and it sucks! (It is a very good news for the finance side of things) Unless I buy a mini-stroller-bus, I will have to turn it into a small slow walk, as much as 3 year-old can walk anyway.

I am so proud of my daughter! We  went to Tae Kwon Do tonight and she was very tired but did everything with lots of strength and energy. They made them do sit ups, jumping jacks, jumps, run, punch, kick. She listened and did all the right moves in the right order and gave her best. She really gave it all because right at the end she said “I wanna go home now” and she was done! I could see that her little body didn’t have any energy left in it. The class was almost done so we just went and I didn’t care because looking at other kids that weren’t listening and did care to do things properly, mine had done everything right! I am so proud of my princess but I am done bragging now loll


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2 thoughts on “Proud Mama!

  1. You have every right to brag! There is something so proud about watching your kids work hard, especially at that age.
    Right now, I’ve been so proud of my 18 year old because he spends long hours at school, and works a few days a week, and runs our young kids to and from their activities when we are gone or working.
    It really does make you want to brag about them! 🙂

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