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Let’s start by saying that I did another week of getting up earlier to work-out and I am happy about it. However I having a lot of trouble adjusting with that new life of ours.


With me getting up so early, I would need to be in bed sleeping by 9hpm. Daughter is often keeping me up because she is scared of sleeping on her own in her bedroom that is 10 steps away from ours. So depending when she gets up around 7ham or 7h30am, I have to make her nap in the afternoon because she gets to tired otherwise. Especially when we have taekwondo twice a week. It’s very tricky because if she naps too long then she won’t sleep as early as I would like her too.

Yesterday she didn’t nap and I knew she was tired and we went at Tae Kwon Do, she did good then but during the night she kept waking up, kind of in a “sleep-walking” mode, screaming and kicking. I couldn’t even touch her sometimes. Then she kind of woke up  and didn’t know what had happened. I think she was exhausted somehow and with the stress of starting school and the rest maybe it got her in her sleep. I ended up bringing her in my bed so I could get some sleep.

All that to say that I am struggling to adjust to everything but it’s seems to be difficult to find the right balance for everyone. Hopefully we will find it before Christmas otherwise I might just turn into a zombie-mom

Here are my stats for yesterday, have a good week-end!


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4 thoughts on “Struggling

  1. Naps ARE a tricky thing. Rest assured that she will soon settle into her own routine and start sleeping more at night and not need a nap during the day. Hopefully last night was a one time ordeal. Perhaps she was just overtired.
    Maybe you can use your weekend to catch up on sleep, so that next week you’ll be ready, once again, for your early starts!

  2. You are doing great… I am sorry things are hard with your sleeping! But you are doing awesome… I hope you can find a routine that works better for you and your daughter… Big Hugs!

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