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No loss, no gain

Well it looks like I didn’t lose any weight this week. Maybe I should say that I did lose some last week but took it all back over the week-end.


I was at 74.9 on Friday and today I am back at 75.4 kilos. I am disappointed but it’s ok, I will get over it and learn from it. Last weekend I haven’t been careful with what I ate but I still logged everything which probably influenced what I ate anyway because this weekend I didn’t log anything so it’ all my fault. I thinking of moving my weigh-in to Friday loll


On a more positive note, Friday after work I was full of energy! I am usually dead after work. I was less tired than last weekend as well so maybe there is hope that I will have more energy in the future! I have done my morning work-out so I now have a good start for the day and the week!

My poor little girl has caught that cold again and she has been sick over the weekend so she is back in my bed loll. It seems to be the exact same symptoms so it’s like that virus was hanging around for a revenge or something.

Have a good Monday!


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6 thoughts on “No loss, no gain

  1. Sounds like you’re not too discouraged! You were able to get right back into the routine! I always hated Monday morning weigh-ins, until I finally quit letting myself splurge over the weekend. I have a feeling you didn’t splurge too much, even without logging your food, so it’s quite possible your gain is from water weight. If you look at the overall picture, though, you are doing fabulously!
    Your little girl is definitely building up immunity, isn’t she? Pretty soon there won’t be anything than can make her sick! Hang in there!

  2. Friday or saturday weigh ins always work good for me. Just can’t go off the plan on the weekend. :). Hope your daughter feels better soon.

  3. Thanks! Weighing-in on the weekend could motivate me to keep it clean on the week end maybe.

  4. It’s great to see that you taking it well. We all know by now that ups and downs – how undesired they might be – are still part of all our journeys. Keep up the spirit Julie. I am still absolutely clueless as to what my weight is at the moment but will figure it out this afternoon I guess, when going for my first appointment with the nutritionist.
    Just stay focused and keep the good spirit up. You can so do it! 😉

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