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Another ordinary day


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Halloween party

I spent the weekend food shopping, relaxing and cheating. Ok. What exactly is my kind of cheating? Total junk food on Friday lunch, Eating stir-fry on sticky rice, cupcake (had 21/2 through the weekend), eating crumbed fish fingers that me and daughter made and baked in the oven, having some m&m’s and chocolate chips. I had heaps of fruit and vegetables. Apart from Friday there was no fast food or fatty food so it isn’t too bad, the real cheating was me not logging anything that I ate.

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Halloween treats scares me

I didn’t blog consistently lately…I have been very busy with the day care with Halloween coming I try to do a little more fun activities. I also tried to include some treats at snacks like pumpkin and chocolate chip muffin with orange icing on top for the pumpkin face. They didn’t like the fact that the muffin dough was kind of brown-orange so they hardly touched it…(the muffin had pumpkin, oat, wheat-a-bix and flour in it, it’s like they can sense it when it’s healthier) Unfortunately I ate mine with no icing and daughter’s one with icing. I do have a problem with sweets but I think I have a bigger problem with eating my kids left overs! I don’t like to through food…when it taste good.

I have done my morning work-out everyday except for Tuesday(did it at night) but I haven’t been very smart with my food intake. Way too much bread, muffin, lasagna etc. My weight is now at 74.1 kilos/163 pounds and it was at 73.5 kilos/161.7 pounds last week. I always tend to sabotage myself when I am doing good. Somehow  I think I am safe now because I have lost so much weight but I am never safe from food and I cannot seem to learn from this mistake. I haven’t been posting my calorie goal either because I was over and the day after I know I was over as well so I didn’t bother logging my food. I have to stop my “ostrich phase”  and take my head out of the sand. 

Yesterday I went shopping for Halloween decoration and surprises. I decorated the day care yesterday night because tonight is taekwondo night so I won’t have time. It’s pretty spooky in there and we will have our daycare party Friday. There will be a cupcake and some other treats again…

A good start

This morning my balance board told me 73.5 kilos/a little lower than 162 pounds! What a great start for this week. Another 0.3 kilos/0.07 pounds down. Let’s hope this stay like that and doesn’t go back up because I didn’t log anything of the weekend. Saturday I had a sinus headache again so I didn’t do much but yesterday I was fairly active and didn’t go crazy with food.

This is a very short post because I don’t have much time this morning. Have a good Monday!

Blah blah blah…


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This morning I didn’t feel so well and that nasty voice tried to talk me into not working out. It’s alright I didn’t listen to it and even if it almost killed me I did it(I am exaggerating a little).image

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One more lazy day

My stats for yesterday


So I took one more lazy day with no work-out this morning. I am starting to feel better so I should be back at it tomorrow.

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I know I was suppose to weigh myself Saturday but I didn’t. I haven’t been very well this week end and it’s the same story for today as well. I am keeping all of my energy to get through my work day and decided to skip the work-out.

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Before and after

Today I didn’t weigh myself and I didn’t work-out either. My daughter’s virus has finally crawled on me. I am happy this is Friday so I can get over it through the weekend.

This is my stats for yesterday

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Not so good…


This happened to me after work. I was focusing on trying to get daughter to take her antibiotic because her daddy failed at the task in the morning.

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